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Slayy Point net worth salary

Slayy point makes videos on funny topics, they started six years ago and gain millions of subscribers on their channel. Slayy Point’s main source of income is youtube Ads, Sponsorship, and Brand deals.Their success can be attributed to a variety of factors, including their consistent output of entertaining videos and their ability to tap into trending topics with a comedic twist. By staying attuned to their audience’s preferences and evolving trends, Slayy Point has managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of online content creation.

Slayy Point Net Worth

Slayy Point Net Worth

Slayy Point Net Worth and Salary: Gautami and Abhyudaya is an Indian Youtuber who has a net worth of Rs.90,00,000. Gautami and Abhudaya start their Youtube career 6 years ago on 22 April 2016 and they published their first video on Youtube titled ” How Much Do People Know About The IPL?”.

Slayy Point Monthly incomeRs.3,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,000 lakhs
Slayy Point Estimated daily incomeRs.10,000 to Rs.13,000
Slayy Point Net worthRs.90,00,000
Slayy Point Income sourcessponsorship, youtube ads, brand deals
Slayy Point Others income sourcessecond ( 2nd ) youtube channel (slayyPop)
Slayy Point Affiliate incomeNo

Slayy point net worth and income

Salary Highlights: Slayy point’s yearly salary is Rs.90,00,000. Various media reports claim that Slayy point Youtube channel makes roughly Rs.4,00,000 per month, equivalent to $5,398 Dollars.

Who is Abhyudaya Mohan?

Abhyudaya Mohan is a social media influencer and co-founder of slayy point youtube channel.

Abhyudaya Mohan NicknameAbhi
Slayy Point Date of birth2 January 1998
Slayy Point Age24 years old
Slayy Point Youtube ChannelSlayy point
Slayy Point ProfessionYoutuber
Slayy Point His Youtube channel partnerGautami Kawale
Slayy Point NationalityIndian
Slayy Point ReligionHinduism
Slayy Point Where does he live?Maharastra
Slayy Point (commerce)
Slayy Point Favorite Youtube channel in IndiaAIB
Slayy Point Favorite Youtube channel in Internationalh3h3Productions
Slayy Point Favorite cafeCafe Coffee Day
Slayy Point Twitterabhyudayamohan
Slayy Point Instagramabhyudaya_mohan

Abhyudaya Mohan biography

abhyudaya mohan biography and he is co-founder of the youtube channel slayy point Physical appearances of Abhyudaya Mohan

Slayy Point Height5 feet 5 inch
Slayy Point Weight57 kg
Slayy Point Hair colorBlack
Slayy Point Eye colorBlack
Slayy Point TattooNo
Slayy Point Finger ringNo

Who is Gautami?

Co-founder of Slayy Point youtube channel

co-founder of slayy point Gautami Kawale biography
image source-instagram

About Slayy Point

slayy point 2

“Slayy Point” began its journey under the name “Silly Point” with a focus on cricket-related content. However, a few months into their YouTube venture, Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to broaden their content horizon. The channel underwent a transformation, transitioning from cricket-centric videos to engaging movie reviews. Eventually, they found their niche in creating comedy and roasting videos, captivating a wider audience with their humorous take on various subjects.

The genesis of “Slayy Point” was rooted in Abhyudaya’s vision and desire to start a YouTube channel. Despite harboring the idea, he faced a challenge – his initial shyness in front of the camera. To overcome this hurdle, Abhyudaya approached Gautami, recognizing her comfort and proficiency in public speaking. Drawing on her experience from actively participating in school events and possessing a background in stage performances, Gautami became the charismatic face of the channel. Her natural ability to connect with the audience played a pivotal role in shaping the channel’s identity.

Delving into the personal aspirations of the duo, Gautami harbored a childhood dream of becoming a writer, while Abhyudaya envisioned himself as either an astronaut or a businessman. Despite these early aspirations, the dynamic duo found their true calling on YouTube, entertaining and delighting viewers with their unique blend of humor and commentary.

The transition from “Silly Point” to “Slayy Point” marked not only a change in name but also a significant evolution in content, showcasing the duo’s adaptability and creative exploration. As they continue to produce entertaining videos, “Slayy Point” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and overcoming personal challenges in pursuit of a shared passion for making people laugh.

Founder of Slayy PointAbhyudaya and Gautam
The previous name of the Slayy Point Youtube channel wasSilly Point
When did it start Slayy Point Youtube channel?April 2016
Youtube AwardSilver and Gold Play button
Youtube channelsSlayy Point, SlayyPop, SlayyShorts
Who edits the videos?Abhyudaya Mohan
Email[email protected]

Slayy point Gautami and Abhyudaya’s relationship

Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale’s friendship and partnership have deepened over the years, evolving into a strong bond that goes beyond their academic connection. As they progressed through the challenges of high school together, their shared experiences laid the foundation for a lasting friendship. Their compatibility and mutual understanding prompted them to explore joint ventures beyond the classroom.

Upon graduating from high school, Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to combine their skills and passions in the business world. Recognizing each other’s strengths and complementary abilities, they embarked on various entrepreneurial endeavors together. This partnership not only solidified their friendship but also proved to be a successful professional collaboration.

Their business ventures spanned diverse industries, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. From technology startups to creative ventures, Abhyudaya and Gautami found innovative ways to leverage their individual talents and create a synergy that propelled their projects forward. Their ability to balance friendship and business demonstrated a unique harmony that contributed to their collective success.

Over the years, Abhyudaya and Gautami’s friendship has been a source of support and encouragement for each other. Whether facing challenges in their personal lives or navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, they stood by one another. Their journey together reflects the power of combining friendship with business, creating a dynamic partnership that has stood the test of time.

As they continue to grow both personally and professionally, Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale serve as inspiring examples of the positive outcomes that can arise from strong connections forged in the crucible of high school, evolving into enduring friendships and thriving partnerships.

Which Camera, Mic, and lights Does Slayy Point Use?

Here are some best YouTube gears use by slayy point (Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami )

CameraNikon P510
MicZoom H1
LightSonia Soft Box
Slayy point camera,mic,light

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Slayy Point

Where does Gautami Kawale live?

Mumbai, Maharastra, India

What is a Slayy point?

Slayy point is a youtube channel

When did Slayy point start?

April 2016

Is Slayy point a couple?

No, just Friend

How old is Gautami from Slayy point?

24 years old as of 2023

Where does Slayy point live?

Maharastra, India

What is the Binod trend?

Binod came to the trend for a video of the slayy point.

What does Binod mean?

Binod is a person’s name. Binod means happiness. It’s a Sanskrit word.

Who is the boy and girl in Slayy point?

Slayy Point’s boy’s name is Abhyudaya Mohan and the girl’s name is Gautami Kawale.

How did Slayy point become famous?

Slayy Point became famous for their comedy and roasting videos.

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