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Chess is a game that is beneficial for developing human faculties. It is a process of learning. How to play chess is itself rewarding because it teaches the value of patience and not missing steps or jumping to conclusions.

When someone starts learning how to play chess at a very young age, it is believed that it helps develop a child’s mental abilities. Playing chess online helps to enhance mental ability because of the variety of situations a chess player has to confront in a single game. In the opening, the player first developed all primary pieces. It teaches one that one should only rush in with due preparation.

In the middle game, the player must observe the opponent’s plan. In the attack, one has to be careful not to sacrifice beyond the gains from the sacrifice.

Learning how to play chess helps to improve your mental faculties because the pieces, moves, and combinations are so varied. It is a magic game that has helped elders to overcome Alzheimer’s or Dementia, a common problem that affects at least 65 percent of aged people above 75 years old.

Chess helps develop human faculties because chess helps develop the ability to anticipate what the opponent is thinking. It is a habit that comes in handy in all later life because it is essential to strategizing. In today’s world, strategizing is necessary for survival and even corporate success.

However, with the evolution of online chess, the gaming environment has gone through a revolution. It has become easier for one to access and hone the skills that chess facilitates.

  • Convenient Accessibility

Playing chess online, one can access this gaming option while traveling, at home, or during break hours at the office. For children, it may become the best and their favorite game and pastime. It is also easier to learn how to play chess online because one does not need another player to be physically present in the vicinity.

Online chess is available 24 hours, so a person can even take a gaming break at late hours or before sleeping. This game is often a refreshing choice of relaxation for people who may not enjoy their work.

  • Learning And Skill Development

Different from many other games, play chess online is a game of skill and not luck by any chance. It enhances IQ levels, improves memory, and increases problem-solving abilities.

Moreover, it even improves the concentration level of a child or an adult. play chess online improves the function of both sides of the brain since playing chess involves logical thinking. The left side of our brain carries out this function. But at the same time, chess requires imagination. The right side of the human brain executes this function.

While most gaming apps are luck-based, PlayerzPot is almost entirely skill-based. In that sense, other apps may be pastimes that could enhance kids’ learning abilities. Hence, chess is likely to be more educational that help skill development. For these reasons, parents should be encouraged to wean their children away from other gaming apps and more and more towards chess.

Online chess provides opportunities for learning, which offline chess does not, generally. Whether playing with live individuals or against the computer, you can choose your opponent’s skill level in online chess. It allows even one starting from scratch to develop chess skills. Most online gaming options provide systematic guidance on how to play chess to a beginner. Offline, you don’t have the opportunity to make such a choice.

It can lead to disheartening or discouragement if you are matched against a much more skilled opponent offline. Repeated defeats can lead to a loss of interest in the game. Whereas, if you are matched against a much inferior opponent offline, your skills will not develop. Paradoxically, you will lose interest in the game.

Whereas in the case of playing chess online, you can always choose a level according to what extent you want to tax your brain and avoid the possibility of losing interest or even overtaxing or disappointment.

  • Opportunity For Social Interaction

There are more online chess players compared to any other live online game at any given time. It allows social interaction, especially when there is analysis.

There are communities of chess players to which you can gain access if you play online. There are also opportunities for chatting. Though this is initially limited to chess, one can continue socializing beyond chess too. This interaction helps one play chess online to avoid boredom or loneliness.


Playing chess online is advised and beneficial for perfect all-around brain development for a child helping increase in concentration and enhance concentration which is a crucial factor for success in all fields of life. On the other hand, for adults, it is like an elixir and vitamin that maintains and rejuvenates an older brain.

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