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my smart support income bio and net worth

My Smart Support Net Worth: Youtube channel was started Nine years ago in Bihar, India and he used to upload technology-related videos. My smart support’s founder Dharmendra Kumar is a very hard-working, person and he succeeded on youtube because he is very consistent on youtube. Over the years, My Smart Support has evolved into a prominent platform in the tech community, offering insightful tutorials, product reviews, and updates on the latest technological advancements. Dharmendra’s innate ability to connect with his viewers and address their queries has garnered him a loyal following, contributing significantly to the channel’s growth and popularity.

My Smart Support uploaded his first video titled “How to refill laser printer toner cartridge Hp & Canon part 1” on his YouTube channel in 2012, In the early days he used to make videos in English, but now he makes videos in Hindi.

My Smart Support Net Worth

My smart support Biography

Name Dharmendra Kumar
My Smart Support Nick Name Dharmender
My Smart Support Youtube Channel name My Smart Support
My Smart Support Second youtube channel name Dharmendra Kumar
My Smart Support Education Graduate
My Smart Support Home town Bihar, India
My Smart Support Address 134/54, Bowee Street , Gandhi Nagar ,Patna,Bihar
My Smart Support Current City Bihar, India
My Smart Support Profession Youtuber
My Smart Support Youtube Debut 2012
My Smart Support Youtube Awards Silver and Gold play button
My Smart Support Religion Hinduism
My Smart Support Marital Status Married
My Smart Support Car Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
My Smart Support Facebook techmysmartsupport
My Smart Support Instagram mysmartsupport
My Smart Support Twitter MySmartSupports
My Smart Support Email id [email protected]
My Smart Support Phone number 0612-43414343

My smart support’s founder Dharmendra Kumar lives in a small village in Bihar and I have seen many Youtubers but I have never seen an honest and hardworking YouTuber like “Dharmendra Kumar”.

Many new YouTubers consider him as a GURU and learn a lot by watching his videos. According to YouTubers, Dharmendra was the early Youtuber in India who start making videos on technical topics.

Dharmendra Kumar advises new YouTubers that, you should not give up everything to make videos on YouTube.Take it as a part-time Then if you see that YouTube is doing well then choose YouTube as a full-time career.

So far his parents do not support him to make videos on YouTube, they say to do a government job But Dharmendra didn’t want to be limited to 9 to 5 slabs so he chose youtube.

My Smart Support Net Worth

Dharmendra Kumar’s income comes from Google Adsense, sponsorship, brand endorsements, affiliate marketing, etc. My Smart Support’s net worth is Rs. 20 lakh

Dharmendra sir earns around Rs 5,000 per day but he also spends a lot of money to make his videos. He spends the most money making his unboxing videos.

It costs around Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 to make a single video on a My smart support youtube channel, but some videos cost less and some videos cost more.

My Smart Support Monthly Income / Salary Rs.40,000 to 50,000
My Smart Support Average daily income Rs.1,300 to 1,600
My Smart Support Net Worth Rs.20,00,000
My Smart Support Income sources Youtube ads, brand deals, sponsorship, affiliate marketing
My Smart Support Other income sources A second (2nd) youtube channel
My Smart Support Affiliate income yes

Physical appearance of Dharmendra Kumar

My Smart Support Height 5 feet 4 inch
My Smart Support Weight 76 kg
My Smart Support Eye color Brown
My Smart Support Hair color Black
My Smart Support Tattoo No

My Smart Support Family

 Dharmendra Kumar's family

Which camera, mic, light does my smart support use

Dharmendra Kumar uses this stuff for making videos on Youtube.

Camera Canon 800d and canon 200d
GoPro HERO9 Black
Lens canon 18-55mm and sigma 18-35
Mic Boya and Rode wireless mic
Tab Samsung s6
Drone DJI 5mp HD
Gimbal stabilizer DJI OM 4
Laptop Dell i7 and Mackbook Pro
Desktop iMac 27 inch
DSLR stabilizer Moza Gudsen
Light Digitek ring light and Godox light
Tripod Simpex tripod
Voice over mic Maono au-a04
additional screen for video editing Samsung 27″

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About My Smart Support

What is “My Smart Support Net Worth”?

“My Smart Support Net Worth” refers to the estimated financial value associated with the popular online platform, My Smart Support. It takes into account various factors like revenue, assets, and investments to provide an approximate valuation.

How is My Smart Support Net Worth Calculated?

The net worth of My Smart Support is calculated by considering its revenue streams, assets, brand value, and other financial indicators. It is an estimation based on publicly available information and financial metrics.

Is My Smart Support Net Worth Accurate and Reliable?

While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, the net worth is an approximation and may vary over time. It relies on publicly disclosed information and financial assessments, making it a close estimation rather than an exact figure.

Why is My Smart Support’s Net Worth Significant?

Understanding the net worth of My Smart Support provides insights into the financial health and success of the platform. It reflects its market value and overall economic impact in the online space.

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My Smart Support’s journey from its inception to its current standing as a tech support powerhouse is a testament to strategic vision, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The brand’s net worth reflects not only its financial success but also the trust and satisfaction it has garnered from clients worldwide. As technology continues to advance, My Smart Support remains at the forefront, shaping the future of digital support services.

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