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Ghazal Alagh Net Worth

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth: Shark Tank India’s shark and mama earth’s co-founder Ghazal Alagh’s net worth is $19 million, she was born on 2nd September 1988 in Chandigarh, India. Now she is 34 years old and Ghazal started her career as a corporate trainer at NIIT limited in the year 2008.Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to make a positive impact, Ghazal co-founded Mamaearth, a brand dedicated to offering safe, natural, and toxin-free products for babies and mothers. Under her leadership, Mamaearth has experienced remarkable growth, becoming one of the leading names in the wellness and personal care industry in India.

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth

Ghazal has various income sources and the majority of her income comes from her main company “mama earth”, her estimated yearly income is Rs.17-19 crore.

Ghazal Alagh’s net worth in Indian rupees is around Rs.142 crore, which is Nineteen million us dollars ($19 million) and it increases by 8.4 to 17.9% every year. She invested in many companies which helps Ghazal to increase her net worth.

Ghazal Alagh ProfessionBusinesswoman
Ghazal Alagh Yearly IncomeRs.17-19 Crore
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth$19 Million
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In Indian RupeesRs.142 Crore

Salary of Ghazal Alagh

Salary of Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh, the accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, commands a monthly salary in the impressive range of Rs.1.3 to 1.6 crore. As the co-founder and Chief Mom at Mamaearth, a renowned Indian personal care brand specializing in natural and toxin-free products for mothers and babies, Ghazal has played a pivotal role in steering the company to remarkable heights.

Her journey in the business world is marked by a series of notable achievements, showcasing her dynamic leadership skills and innovative mindset. Under her guidance, Mamaearth has not only become a household name but has also garnered widespread acclaim for its commitment to sustainability, quality, and ethical practices.

Ghazal Alagh’s expertise extends beyond her role at Mamaearth. She is recognized as a thought leader in the e-commerce and startup ecosystem in India. Her insights on entrepreneurship, women in business, and sustainable practices have earned her respect and admiration within the industry.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ghazal is known for her philanthropic initiatives and advocacy for social causes. She actively participates in community development programs and supports various charitable organizations, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business realm.

In addition to her impressive salary, Ghazal Alagh’s success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals, showcasing the possibilities that determination, innovation, and a commitment to social responsibility can unlock in the ever-evolving landscape of the business world.

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth Growth

YearsNet Worth Growth
Net Worth In 2022$19 Million
Net Worth In 2021$16 Million
Net Worth In 2020$14 Million
Net Worth In 2019$13 Million
Net Worth In 2018$9 Million

Investment By Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh’s investment of Rs.1.2 crore in 7 new startups reflects her commitment to fostering innovation and supporting emerging businesses across diverse sectors. The strategic allocation of funds to startups such as Watt Technovations, Wakao Foods, Humpy A2, Gold Safe Solutions Ind., Sunfox Technologies, The Sass Bar, and more highlights her interest in a broad range of industries.

Watt Technovations may be focusing on cutting-edge technological solutions, while Wakao Foods could be contributing to the food industry with innovative products or services. Humpy A2 might be involved in agriculture or animal husbandry, and Gold Safe Solutions Ind. could be addressing security and safety concerns. Sunfox Technologies might be operating in the tech sector, possibly specializing in software or hardware development. The Sass Bar’s inclusion in Ghazal Alagh’s investment portfolio suggests a potential interest in the beauty or lifestyle sector.

These diverse investments not only showcase Ghazal Alagh’s financial acumen but also suggest a well-thought-out strategy for supporting startups with promising ideas and potential for growth. As an investor, her portfolio appears to be strategically diversified, likely with the aim of mitigating risks while maximizing returns in the dynamic startup landscape.

It would be interesting to follow the progress of these startups, as Ghazal Alagh’s involvement could potentially contribute not only financially but also through mentorship and guidance, providing valuable insights and expertise to help these ventures thrive in their respective industries.

Ghazal Alagh Wiki / Biography

NameGhazal Alagh
Ghazal Alagh Date of birth2 September 1988
Ghazal Alagh Age34 years old
Ghazal Alagh Birth signVirgo
Ghazal Alagh BirthplaceChandigarh, India
Ghazal Alagh NationalityIndian
Ghazal Alagh ReligionHinduism
Ghazal Alagh ProfessionEntrepreneur, Investor
Ghazal Alagh Marital statusMarried
Ghazal Alagh HusbandVarun Alagh
Ghazal Alagh ChildrenTwo Son Agastya and Ayaan
Ghazal Alagh MotherSunita Sahni
Ghazal Alagh FotherKailash Sahni
Ghazal Alagh SisterSahiba Chauhan
Ghazal Alagh BrotherChirag Sahni

Ghazal Alagh was born and raised in Chandigarh, India, and went to Panjab University. Her father’s name is Kailash Sahni, who is a businessperson, and her mother’s name is Sunita Sahni. She has two siblings one brother Chirag Sahni and a sister Sahiba Chauhan.

In 2011, Ghazal married Varun Alagh, who is a co-founder of Mamaearth and they have two sons named Agastya Alagh, who was born on 18 October 2014, and Ayaan, who was born in March 2022.

Ghazal Alagh Education

Ghazal Alagh Education

In addition to her educational qualifications, Ghazal Alagh has demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude for both technology and the arts throughout her academic journey. During her time at Panjab University, where she pursued a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications (BCA) from 2007 to 2010, she honed her skills in information technology. This foundational education equipped her with a strong background in the technical aspects of computing.

Not only did Ghazal excel in the field of information technology, but she also explored her passion for the arts. She holds an art degree from two prestigious institutions: the School of Visual Arts and the New York Academy of Art. This dual-degree approach reflects her versatile and multidimensional interests, showcasing a commitment to both the analytical and creative aspects of her education.

The School of Visual Arts, known for its excellence in fine arts education, provided Ghazal with a platform to delve into various artistic mediums, fostering her creative expression. Subsequently, her enrollment at the New York Academy of Art further refined her artistic skills, offering a more specialized focus on the nuances of contemporary and traditional art practices.

Ghazal Alagh’s unique combination of a technical background from Panjab University and a comprehensive artistic education from renowned institutions in the United States underscores her holistic approach to learning. This diverse educational foundation likely plays a pivotal role in shaping her perspectives and contributions to any professional endeavor she undertakes. It reflects a rare fusion of technology and artistry that enriches her professional profile and positions her as a dynamic individual capable of bridging the gap between the realms of technology and creativity.

Ghazal Alagh Physical Appearances

Ghazal Alagh Weight59 kg
Ghazal Alagh Height5 feet 5 inches
Ghazal Alagh Hair colorBlack
Ghazal Alagh Eye colorBrown
Ghazal Alagh TattooYes

Ghazal Alagh Family

Ghazal with her family.

Ghazal Alagh with her family
Ghazal Alagh with her two sons
Ghazal Alagh with her two sons

Ghazal Alagh Career

After establishing herself as a corporate trainer at NIIT Limited, Chandigarh, India, Ghazal Alagh ventured into entrepreneurship by founding “Diet Expert” in February 2012. During her tenure at Diet Expert, which spanned over a year, Ghazal honed her business acumen and gained valuable experience in the health and wellness industry.

In 2016, Ghazal Alagh achieved a significant milestone by co-founding her dream company, “Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd,” widely recognized by its popular brand name, “Mamaearth.” Collaborating with her co-founder, Varun Alagh, Ghazal played a pivotal role in establishing Mamaearth as a leading player in the beauty and personal care market. As of the latest available information in 2022, Ghazal holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer at Mamaearth, showcasing her continued commitment to driving innovation within the company.

Ghazal’s entrepreneurial journey and success have not gone unnoticed, and she gained widespread recognition after participating in the first season of “Shark Tank India.” Her presence on the show further solidified her status as a dynamic and influential figure in the business world. Beyond the television realm, Ghazal Alagh has cultivated a substantial following on social media platforms, boasting over 486K followers on Instagram and 48K followers on Twitter. Her online presence reflects not only her business acumen but also her ability to connect with a diverse audience, showcasing her as a multifaceted entrepreneur with a significant impact on both the business and social spheres.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) AboutGhazal Alagh

What is the salary of Ghazal Alagh?

Ghazal Alagh’s monthly salary is Rs.1.3 to 1.6 crore

What is the net worth of Mama Earth?

Ghazal Alagh’s company Mamaearth’s net worth Rs.7,500 crore approx

What is the net worth of Ghazal Alagh?

Ghazal Alagh’s net worth is $19 million

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