FactTechz Net Worth: Real Name, Age, Sister, Car, Bio, Physical Appearances and Social Media

FactTechz Net Worth salary youtube income

FactTechz Net Worth: Facttechz is the No.1 Hindi Youtube channel in the fact category. FactTechz Youtube channel’s founder is Rajesh Kumar, who makes videos on scientific and educational facts-related topics and amassed over 17 million subscribers on his youtube channel.Moreover, FactTechz has expanded its reach beyond YouTube, leveraging its influence to engage with audiences across various social media platforms. With a dedicated team of content creators and researchers, FactTechz continues to produce high-quality content that resonates with viewers of all ages. Through collaborations with experts and thought leaders, the channel remains at the forefront of educational entertainment, inspiring curiosity and promoting lifelong learning.One of FactTechz’s key strengths lies in its commitment to collaboration. By partnering with experts and thought leaders in various fields, the channel ensures that its content remains relevant, informative, and up-to-date. This collaborative approach not only enriches the viewing experience but also reinforces FactTechz’s position as a leading authority in educational entertainment.

FactTechz Net Worth

FactTechz Net Worth

FactTechz income and net worth Increase every year and he earns lakhs of rupees per month from his youtube channel. FactTechz has a net worth of Rs. 8.35 crores, which is $1.09 million U.S. dollars, and his net worth increases by 11.98-6.36% every year.

Name Rajesh Kumar
FactTechz Profession Youtuber
FactTechz Net Worth $1.09 Million
FactTechz Net Worth in Indian Rupees Rs. 8.35 Crore
FactTechz Yearly Income Rs. 1.03-1.31 Crore
FactTechz Income source Youtube ads, sponsorship, brands deal
FactTechz Others income sources Business (app-
FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster – Binaural Beats)
FactTechz Affiliate income No
FactTechz Income from super chat N/A

FactTechz Salary and Youtube Earnings

Rajesh Kumar, popularly known as FactTechz, has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of educational and informational content on YouTube. His monthly salary ranges between Rs. 8.6 lakh and Rs. 10.89 lakh, contributing to an estimated yearly income of Rs. 1.03 crore to Rs. 1.31 crore. This substantial income is a testament to the success and popularity of his content, which spans a variety of topics, capturing the interest of a diverse audience.

FactTechz’s significant presence on YouTube has played a pivotal role in his financial success. His estimated monthly YouTube income is reported to be between $10.9 K and $13.4 K, a figure that is influenced by the number of views his videos generate. With a massive subscriber base exceeding 17 million as of 2023, he has cultivated a loyal following that eagerly awaits his engaging and informative content.

The success of FactTechz can be attributed not only to his vast knowledge and effective communication skills but also to his ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of online content creation. As an influential content creator, he continues to inspire and educate millions of viewers globally, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the digital space. The steady growth in his subscriber count and the consistent viewership of his videos underscore the impact and appeal of FactTechz’s content, contributing to his financial prosperity and reinforcing his status as a leading content creator in the online community.

FactTechz Net Worth Growth

Years Net Worth Growth
FactTechz Net Worth In 2022 Rs. 8.35 Crore
FactTechz Net Worth In 2021 Rs. 7.85 Crore
FactTechz Net Worth In 2020 Rs. 7.01 Crore
FactTechz Net Worth In 2019 Rs. 6.13 Crore
FactTechz Net Worth In 2018 Rs. 5.22 Crore

FactTechz Wiki / Biography

Fact techz income,networth and biography
source -Instagram
Real Name Rajesh Kumar
FactTechz Date of birth 1 April 2000
FactTechz Age 22 years old
FactTechz Birth sign Aries
FactTechz Nationality Indian
FactTechz Religion Hinduism
FactTechz Education Higher Secondary
FactTechz Profession Youtuber
FactTechz Youtube channel FactTechz
FactTechz Youtube Debute 2016
FactTechz Youtube award Silver, Gold, and Diamond play button
FactTechz FactTechz Competitor GetsetflyFACT
FactTechz video editor Rohan Sharma & Rajesh Kumar
FactTechz Subscriber 2021 subscriber 16.8m (27 Jan 2017 – 100,000 ** 16 June 2017 – 1M
**16 Aug 2018 – 5M **17 July 2019 – 10M)
FactTechz Family member 4
FactTechz Marital status Unmarried
FactTechzFactTechz Bike Royal Enfield Bullet
FactTechz Car BMW X1
FactTechz Where does he live? Delhi, India
FactTechzFactTechz Sister Name Deepika kumari (YouTuber)
FactTechz Email [email protected]

FactTechz real name is Rajesh Kumar. He is the main person on his channel, Rajesh does all the work himself like voiceover, scriptwriting, video topics research, etc.

FactTechz is the 1st Indian YouTube channel to cross a million subscribers in less than 365 days.

Rajesh has been uploading videos on YouTube since 2016. He makes videos, which are based on real-life amazing facts.

A lot of new and unknown information can be learned from Facttechz’s videos. The main reason for his success on YouTube is that his videos are very informative and unique.

When Rajesh first started his YouTube channel, he didn’t get a lot of views, but he didn’t stop publishing videos on YouTube. He edits and scripts YouTube videos himself.

There are very few YouTubers in India who have got “Diamond Play Buttons”, fact tech is one of them.

facttechz real name and bio

He is now one of India’s top YouTubers and he has a business called “Ultimate Brain Booster”, they have an app for this business where they have more than 50,000 plus active users.

In 2021, he had become more active on YouTube, he was uploading new videos every day to stand out his direct competitor is GetsetflySCIENCE.

FactTechz Physical Appearances

FactTechz Height 5 feet 7 inch
FactTechz Weight 71 kg
FactTechz Hair color black
FactTechz Eye color black
FactTechz Tattoo No
FactTechz Finger ring yes
FactTechz Eyeglasses No

FactTechz Family

He has a total of four family members including his parents, and a sister.

facttechz youtuber also know as Rajesh kumar's  family
Rajesh Kumar with his parents and sister Deepika kumari (left)

FactTechz Car and Bike

Rajesh has been interested in bikes and cars since his childhood. After getting success on YouTube, he has fulfilled his dream, and now Rajesh owns a Royal Enfield Bullet bike and a BMW X1 car.

facttechz's car bmw x1 and bike Royal Enfield Bullet
Rajesh Kumar car and bike

FactTechz Early Life and Career

Rajesh Kumar, widely known as FactTechz, was born on April 1, 2000, in New Delhi, India, into a family where education and government service played significant roles. His father held a government job, providing a stable backdrop for Rajesh’s upbringing. The family also included his younger sister, Deepika Kumar, who shares Rajesh’s passion for content creation and is a YouTuber herself.

Growing up in New Delhi, Rajesh attended Delhi School, where he showcased his talents not only in academics but also on the cricket field. His exceptional skills earned him the prestigious Sword of Honour, the school’s highest recognition. Despite his early interest in becoming an engineer, family circumstances led him down a different path. Unable to pursue formal education due to these challenges, Rajesh shifted his focus to a burgeoning platform – YouTube.

Forgoing traditional higher education, Rajesh immersed himself in the world of YouTube. His self-directed learning involved studying various subjects and acquiring skills through online videos. This unconventional approach paved the way for his distinctive style and content creation techniques.

Rajesh Kumar officially embarked on his YouTube journey in late 2016 after relocating from Bihar to Delhi to pursue his aspirations. His debut video, titled “धरती के बारे में 5 तथ्य | 5 Amazing Facts About The Planet Earth,” quickly gained attention, marking the beginning of his successful career on the platform. The video’s popularity demonstrated Rajesh’s ability to engage audiences with intriguing content, laying the foundation for the growth of the FactTechz channel.

Over the years, FactTechz has evolved into a prominent YouTube channel, captivating viewers with a diverse range of topics, including science, technology, and fascinating facts. Rajesh Kumar’s unique blend of information, coupled with his distinctive presentation style, has garnered him a substantial following on the platform, solidifying his place as a notable figure in the Indian YouTube community.  

FactTechz Social Media Account

FactTechz Instagram facttechz
FactTechz Youtube @FactTechz

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About FactTechz 

Who is fact Techz?

FactTechz is the no.1 Indian YouTuber, in the knowledge facts category and Diamond Play Button holder. FactTechz’s owner’s name is Rajesh Kumar, who started his YouTube journey in 2016. Rajesh was born on April 1, 2000, in Bihar, India but currently living in Delhi, India.

Who is the owner of FactTechz?

Rajesh Kumar is the owner of the FactTechz youtube channel. as of 2023, He has 17.2 million-plus subscribers on his YouTube channel. Let me tell you – it was an individual YouTube channel with 17.2 million-plus subscribers.

What is the net worth of FactTechz?

Rajesh Kumar aka FactTechz’s net worth is $1.09 Million

When did FactTechz start?

FactTechz started his youtube career back in 2016.

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