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More and more people are turning towards yoga today, after realizing its myriad benefits. You may even connect it as a branch of yoga, which is irreplaceable. If you do not know or learn how to meditate, you cannot learn yoga. Yoga is much more, than a fitness exercise. Yoga is in itself called a moving meditation. The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is one of the few yoga programs, in which you will learn about meditation, in great detail. There are a few things that you also need to know here. 

Conscious breathing, clubbed with relaxation, and conscious concentration of thoughts are said to bring about a balanced state of meditation. But, of course, you have to club these with a proper gait. Let us find out, how the school teaches meditation to students, from around the globe. 

The Meditation Techniques 

Meditation techniques offered by the school are quite simple for everyone to understand. You will find that, that teachers do not use too many words, so you are free to explore your imagination. You will be engaging in 10-15 minutes of meditation, to start with. However, the school mandates that you choose a clean and tidy place. Clutter in the environment can destroy the vibes of a place, which acts as an obstacle in your progress. The early mornings are best reserved for your meditation journey, or else you can also engage with it, after 6 pm. The postures are extremely important. 

Here you will get to know of the cross-legged postures, which are closely related to meditation. However, the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali will help you to unearth other alternatives as well. Learn about Puraka, Rechaka, and Kumbhaka, as a part of the course. These are essential to your breathing journey. You will notice in the beginning, that your mind is wandering away. Moreover, you may also have a hard time focussing on your breath and the mantra. Focussing on the mantra, will help you to get on track. You will be guided by the most efficient teachers at the school. You will notice, how calm your teacher is. This is one of the qualities, which you too can develop as a student. It will help you, when you are teaching your own students. Now, that you are aware of this meditation journey, let us proceed further. 

Types Of Meditation – Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

  • Mantra Meditation – It is one of the meditation types, which you will learn in the course. In fact, it is one of the easiest meditation practices, which you can do. In this, your main focus is the mantra, rather than the breath. There are various vibrations, which are associated with mantras. When you recite such mantras, you are actually igniting positive vibrations around you. Some of the most common mantras, which you will recite, as a part of the journey are the Shiva mantra, Gayatri mantra, or plain Om. You must repeat these mantras odd number of times, to get the maximum benefits. 
  • Chakra Meditation – This meditation is aimed at activating the seven major chakras of the body. Blocked chakras, often lead to mental and physical diseases. You will feel a certain uneasiness in the area of the body, where the chakra is blocked. A lack of empathy can translate into the blocked Anahata Chakra. In the same manner, a lack of confidence can be delegated to a blocked Throat Chakra. Chakra meditation can help you to bring balance into all these. 
  • Sound Meditation – It is another type of meditation, wherein you are supposed to use metal and crystal bowls and gongs to let out sounds. These send out vibrations which have a therapeutic capacity. So, you get rid of blockages from your mental, emotional, and physical body. They act in the same manner as tuning forks. 

These are a few of the meditation techniques, which you will learn in the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. But that is not all, and you will surely know that the course is one that is comprehensive to the core. Apart from learning about the various techniques, you will also learn about yoga meditation. It is a movement-based meditation, of sorts. 

There are different techniques for different states of mind, as well. Let us know about one today. 

Calming Meditation 

This is another guided meditation, which you will learn today. It is instrumental to managing stress in your life. That is something, which bothers most of us. You will learn to develop a relaxed state of mind, through this practice. No matter, what sort of anxiety or stress disorder you are expecting, calming meditation can do wonders for you. It will also help you to control your volatile temper. Once you learn to gain control over your thought processes, you can handle all sorts of stressful situations. 

You can join the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, to learn more about such techniques. Apart from that, you also get certified under YA. So, it opens up numerous pathways for you. You can teach others the same, as well, after you complete the course. Join Bali Yoga Retreats to learn meditation and yoga today. 

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