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So you’ve been thinking it’s about time to give your truck an upgrade under the hood. You want to improve performance, get better fuel economy, and make it sound mean. One of the best ways to boost your truck’s power and make it roar is installing performance exhaust headers. Forget stock manifolds that severely restrict exhaust flow—headers are the way to go. With a quality set of headers, you’ll open up your exhaust, reduce backpressure, and increase horsepower and torque. Your truck will breathe better, run stronger, and sound a whole lot tougher. If you’ve got a Duramax, an LB7 EGR delete kit is also a must to maximize power and get the most from your headers. Are you ready to unleash your truck’s full potential and make it the king of the road? Headers and an EGR delete are where it’s at. Your truck will thank you, and so will everyone who hears you coming!

What Is an Exhaust Header and Why Is It Important?

An exhaust header is a key component in a vehicle’s exhaust system, connecting the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipes. It helps properly route exhaust gasses away from the engine to improve performance and reduce noise.

Why is an exhaust header important?

  1. It maximizes engine efficiency. The exhaust header helps exhaust gasses flow more freely out of the engine. This reduces backpressure, allowing the engine to expel waste gasses faster so it can take in more oxygen and fuel. The result is more power and better fuel economy.
  2. It enhances engine sound. The exhaust header shapes the tone of the exhaust, which many performance enthusiasts prefer. The rumble of a tuned header can make a muscle car sound like a beast! Of course, some people prefer a quieter ride.
  3. It withstands high temperatures. Exhaust headers are made of thick, durable steel that can handle the hot gasses flowing through the exhaust system. Cheaper, lower-quality headers may warp or crack over time, allowing exhaust to leak and damage other components.

In summary, the exhaust header is a must-have part for performance and longevity. When it’s time for a replacement, don’t skimp – get a high-quality header made of stainless steel and your engine will thank you! With the right header, your vehicle will run stronger, quieter and better for years to come.

Top Exhaust Headers for Your Vehicle

When it comes to exhaust headers, you’ve got options for your vehicle. The right header can boost both performance and sound. Here are some of the top choices:

Shorty Headers

These compact headers are perfect if you’re looking for a little extra rumble without a major overhaul. They replace just the manifold downpipes, so installation is easy. You’ll get a throaty growl and maybe a few extra horses.

Long Tube Headers

For maximum power and an aggressive roar, long tube headers are the way to go. They replace the entire exhaust manifold and downpipe, so they require more work to install but give you the biggest gains. We’re talking 10-15% more power and a soundtrack sure to turn heads.

Ceramic-Coated Headers

If longevity and durability are priorities, look for ceramic-coated headers. The ceramic coating protects the metal from corrosion and heat, so your headers last longer. The coating also helps prevent heat transfer to other engine components. Ceramic headers provide performance benefits with the added protection.

Stainless Steel Headers

Stainless steel is naturally rust-resistant, so stainless headers also stand the test of time. Stainless steel can handle high heat without breaking down. Like ceramic, stainless provides performance with built-in protection for your investment.

With the range of high-quality headers available today at reasonable prices, there’s no reason not to unlock your vehicle’s full potential. More power and an aggressive rumble—what’s not to love? Why not start with a shorty header to test the waters, then upgrade to long tubes when you’re ready to take it to the next level. The open road is calling!

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what is lly egr delete kit?

This Duramax LLY EGR Delete kit will completely remove the EGR system out of your truck. Doing this will increase performance and will eliminate any chance of having an EGR issue down the road. Please note that tuning is required to prevent a CEL from remaining on.

LBZ EGR Delete Kits – Benefits and Installation

An lbz egr delete kit removes your truck’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The EGR routes hot exhaust gasses back into the intake to be re-burned, reducing emissions. However, the EGR system reduces engine efficiency and performance.

Deleting the EGR brings some nice benefits for your LBZ Duramax:

  • Improved throttle response and power. By eliminating the EGR, your engine can breathe better and make more power. Many owners report noticeable improvements in acceleration and towing power.
  • Reduced soot buildup. The EGR system recirculates soot and oil residue back into your engine. Deleting it prevents this buildup in your intake, valves, and cylinders.
  • Improved reliability. The EGR system has many parts like valves, actuators, and sensors that can fail over time. Removing it eliminates these potential failure points and reduces maintenance needs.

To install an EGR delete kit, you’ll need some mechanical skill and the proper tools. The basic steps are:

  1. Locate the EGR valve on your intake manifold or exhaust manifold. On most LB7/LLY/LBZ models, it’s on the front of the intake manifold.
  2. Disconnect the electronic actuator and all hoses/pipes connected to the EGR valve. Cap off any open ports to prevent leaks.
  3. Install the included delete plate in place of the EGR valve. The plate simply bolts or clamps on to block exhaust flow.
  4. Install the included EGR cooler bypass pipe. This pipe reroutes coolant flow around the now-removed EGR cooler.
  5. Flash your ECM with a tuner to disable any EGR-related codes. This ensures your check engine light stays off with the EGR system deleted.
  6. Test drive your truck to ensure proper installation and no error codes. Enjoy your improved performance and engine efficiency!

Deleting the EGR on your Duramax is a popular upgrade that provides power, reliability and efficiency benefits when done properly. With some mechanical skill and the right tools, you can complete an EGR delete yourself in an afternoon. Or for a hassle-free install, have a reputable shop perform the delete for you.


So there you have it, the top reasons why an exhaust header and EGR delete kit are worthwhile upgrades for your Duramax. When it comes to performance and reliability, these mods will give you the most bang for your buck. Your truck will sound meaner, run cooler, make more power and last longer. What’s not to love? The best part is with some basic hand tools and a free Saturday, you can install these yourself in your own garage. Your neighbors might not appreciate the rumble but you sure will every time you mash the throttle. Unlock your Duramax’s full potential and experience what a deleted and decatted 6.6L is really capable of. You owe it to yourself and your truck to make these upgrades – your Duramax will thank you for it!

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