How to Recover Deleted files from SD Card

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SD cards have become an essential tool for storing data in a wide range of devices, including digital cameras, cellphones, tablets, and others. SD cards, despite their convenience, are not immune to data loss or corruption. Accidental deletion, formatting difficulties, file system corruption, or even physical damage can lead to the loss of irreplaceable photographs, videos, papers, and other important data. Fortunately, you may easily recover lost data and restore your files to their original state with SD card recovery software.

SD (Secure Digital) card recovery software is designed to recover data from storage devices that have been lost, destroyed, or damaged. SD cards are commonly used to store photographs, videos, documents, and other types of data in devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

In this complete article, we will walk you through the process of recovering lost data from an SD card utilizing reputable SD card recovery software.

Stop Utilizing the SD Card:

It is vital to cease using the SD card as soon as you realize you have lost data on it. The wiped data may be overwritten by further usage of the card, rendering it unrecoverable. Remove the SD card from the device and set it aside when you’re ready to begin the recovery process.

Choose the Best SD Card Recovery Software:

There are several types of SD card recovery software available on the market such as Anyrecover. Choose software that is reliable and has a high success rate for data recovery. Read reviews, evaluate features, and make comparisons to choose the software that best matches your needs.

Choose the Best SD Card Recovery Software

Install and launch the software:

After making your selection, download and install the SD card recovery software on your computer. To connect your SD card to the computer, launch the software and, if a card reader is available, insert it directly into the card slot.

Choose a Recovery Mode:

The majority of SD card recovery software offers a variety of recovery choices, including Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Recovery, and Partition Recovery. Choose the best data recovery solution based on the details of your data loss. For example, if you accidentally wiped data, try the erased File Recovery procedure.


After selecting the SD Card, begin the scanning procedure:

When you select the recovery option, the programme will display a selection of available discs and storage devices. Select your SD card from the list, then click “Start Scanning.” The application will thoroughly scan the SD card to discover and restore the erased data.

Examine and choose the recoverable files:

When the scanning operation is completed, the application displays a list of recoverable files. To examine what the files contain, use the preview feature offered by the majority of SD card recovery software. You may use this to determine if files are worthy of recovery. Choose the files you wish to recover before proceeding to the next stage.

Choose the Best SD Card Recovery Software1

Finish the data recovery:

Before beginning the data recovery operation, ensure that you have picked a secure location to store the recovered data. It is better to use a different disc or location to avoid overwriting any existing data. After the recovery procedure has begun, the application will restore the selected files to the given location.

Here is a popular SD card recovery software option

  • Anyrecover


It might be disheartening to lose important data from an SD card, but with the help of trustworthy free data recovery software SD card, you can recover your data and restore your peace of mind. By following the detailed technique outlined above, you can boost your chances of successfully recovering erased data from your SD card. Choose a reputable software application, stop using the card immediately, and carefully follow the instructions. With enough time and the right tools, you may recover your irreplaceable photographs, videos, documents, and other data from your SD card.

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