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Rahul Dey Net Worth: Boka Chondro is a very simple and funny man, he became very popular at a very young age through his YouTube videos. Rahul makes funny videos on his youtube channel since 2018 and he joined Youtube in 2017.As a testament to his achievements, Rahul Dey’s net worth reflects both his creative ingenuity and business acumen. With each passing year, his influence and prosperity only continue to grow, firmly establishing him as one of the most beloved and successful content creators in the digital landscape.

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Rahul Dey Biography / Wiki

Name Rahul Dey
Rahul Dey Nick Name Rahul
Rahul Dey Age 22 years old
Rahul Dey Profession Youtuber
Rahul Dey Main Youtube Channel Name Rahul Dey
Rahul Dey Youtube Debute 2017
Rahul Dey Main Channel Subscribers 671K plus
Rahul Dey Youtube Award Silver Play Button
Rahul Dey Youtube Channels Rahul Dey, Rahul Dey Shorts, Rahul Dey Vlogs
Rahul Dey Favorite YouTuber Ariyoshi Synthia
Rahul Dey Home Town Duttapukur, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Rahul Dey Nationality Indian
Rahul Dey Religion Hinduism
Rahul Dey Marital status Unmarried
Rahul Dey Girlfriend He is single
Rahul Dey Education Graduation on B.A (Bachelor of Arts)
Rahul Dey Email [email protected]

From a young age, he loved to dance (like Cinebap Mrinmoy), drama, and act, these were his passions which have now turned into a profession.

In early 2016, He first made a video of his dancing and It was uploaded to YouTube, since then, his journey on YouTube has started. Rahul used to join in the school drama from class six, and when he was in class nine, acting became a part of his life.

The first name of his youtube channel was “Boka Chondro” He later changed the name of the youtube channel to “Rahul Dey”.The reason behind changing the name of this channel was that this name sounds like abuse in the Bengali language.

His fans and subscribers on Youtube are increasing day by day, Rahul’s biggest fan is Tusar Das.

Rahul Dey Net Worth

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Rahul has multiple income sources, like Youtube, Facebook, paid partnerships, sponsorships, and brand promotions.

Bengali Youtuber Rahul Dey has a net worth of Rs.10,00,000 and his estimated yearly income is Rs. 10,11,600 to Rs. 10,86,120.

Rahul’s monthly salary is Rs.84,300 to Rs.90,510 and according to video views, he makes around $1,000 to $1,700 from his two youtube channels.

Name Rahul Dey
Rahul Dey Monthly income Rs. 84.3 – 90.51 Lakh
Rahul Dey Annual income Rs. 10.11 – 10.86 Lakh
Rahul Dey Youtube earnings $ 1,000 – 1,7000
Rahul Dey Net worth Rs. 10 Lakh
Rahul Dey Income Sources Youtube Ads, Brand Deals, Sponsorships, and Paid partnerships.
Rahul Dey Affiliate Income Yes
Rahul Dey Income From Super Chat N/A

Rahul Dey Physical Appearances

Rahul Dey Hair Color Black
Rahul Dey Eye Color Black
Rahul Dey Height 5 feet 6 inch
Rahul Dey Weight 55 kg
Rahul Dey Tattoo N/A
Rahul Dey Finger ring N/A
Rahul Dey Eyeglasses N/A

Rahul Dey Career

Rahul Dey joined Youtube on 27 August 2017 and published his first video titled “The Exam Result Day || 6th and 8th June Bamboo is coming || Funny video ||” on 30 May 2018. His most popular video is “Matha Kharap Kora Gan | Kalankini Radha | Bangla Funny Video” which was published on 1 January 2019 and has got over a million views.

On 8 December 2020, he created a vlog channel called “Rahul Dey Vlogs” where he has amassed over 112K subscribers.

On 12 July 2022, he created one more Youtube channel called “Rahul Dey Shorts”, where he shares short videos.

Besides Youtube, he is very popular on social media, he has more than 242K followers on Instagram and 881K followers on Facebook.

Rahul Dey Social Media Account

 Instagram @rahuldey

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Who is Rahul Dey?

Rahul Dey is a private individual and not a public figure. Could you please provide more context or details?

Is Rahul Dey a celebrity or public personality?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there is no widely known public figure by the name Rahul Dey. It’s possible that this individual is not widely recognized or may have gained prominence after my last update.

Does Rahul Dey have a social media presence?

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Is Rahul Dey associated with any specific profession or industry?

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In conclusion, Rahul Dey’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary heights that can be reached through passion, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous improvement. From his early days to becoming a prominent figure in his industry, Rahul’s story serves as an inspiration to those navigating their own paths. As he continues to evolve and contribute to various facets of life, the name Rahul Dey resonates as a symbol of achievement and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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