Here Are The Most Popular Bikini Tops This Summer

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Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are holding steady, making beach and poolside outings the place to be. If you live close to the water, chances are good that you own a swimsuit or two. If you’re looking for the perfect bikini top to revamp your summer style, consider some of the options below.

Picking a popular style isn’t hard but finding a bikini top that you are comfortable in can be sometimes. Consider looking at Kulani Kinis for the latest styles. It’s all about finding a style that suits your individual needs. Consider these popular options below and weigh the benefits against what you’re looking for.

Underwire Bikini Tops

Underwire bikinis are by far the most popular choice this summer. No matter what your bust size is, they offer an additional level of perk and support as you enjoy your time in the sun. They are the perfect way to feel sexy in your swimsuit, even if you don’t intend to show a lot of skin.


Halter bikini tops have always been a crowd favorite. This year, they have been revamped as people style their straps differently. Even so, no matter what you do with this style, halter bikini tops offer a greater level of support, while remaining mostly backless. You have the freedom to move, without the fear of accidental slips. Try searching for “Kulani Kinis” online for the newest options.


Bralette bikini tops have been around for the better part of the last 20 years. Today they’re making a comeback, not only at the beach but in everyday fashion as well. Bralette-style bikini tops are the perfect addition to your outfit whether you plan on lounging by the pool, swimming in the surf, or simply going out with some friends. Depending on how you use this style, it can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion.


Bandeau top bikinis will forever be the top choice of anyone that wishes to improve their summer tan. Everyone wants a warm summer glow, without the tan lines. Choosing a bandeau top allows you to tan efficiently and leave you ready for that strapless dress that you plan on wearing to dinner. There are certainly underwire options available in this style if you’re looking for some support, but it is not the recommended choice for someone who wants to jet ski or play water polo, for example.

Which To Choose

Deciding which bikini top is right for you can be a tough choice sometimes. Especially if you like to do a wide variety of activities. The best recommendation is to choose two styles: a modest bikini top and something a little racier. This gives you the option to tailor your outfit to the activities of the day while providing you with an alternate bikini top to help ensure the longevity of your swimsuits. At Kulani Kinis any of the popular designs is a good choice this summer!

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