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Someone prefers long-term investment, so they buy coins and wait for them to rise in price for a profitable sale; someone makes short-term investments, earning on fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies and purchase/sale transactions.

But even with good prospects and the likelihood of receiving a large income, investors should think about how to allocate capital and, in addition to the BitCoin cryptocurrency, choose one or more investment instruments to diversify risks.

This will allow us to continue to develop in this area, increasing the profitability of our activities.

The second object of investment can be another cryptocurrency. You need to choose its perspective view. As one of the good options, you should consider Monero coins. This is digital money used on the stock exchange of the same name and is actively used for trading as part of currency pairs.

The assets came into circulation in 2017. An ICO was held, within which tokens were sold to everyone to earn money for the development of the exchange itself. Today, the Monero cryptocurrency is fairly stable, so it can be considered an additional financial instrument.

It remains to deal with the issue of its acquisition. If you have Bitcoins, you can easily buy the right Monero coins.

How to choose a good exchanger and make a good deal

To simplify the solution to the problem, you need to go to the page BestChange, where the best exchange services are presented. The portal administration has thoroughly checked all sites, so there should be no doubts about their reliability.

They work honestly and conscientiously, provide quality services, and conduct exchange transactions at favourable rates that are relevant at the moment. You have to determine the more attractive resource for making a deal. It is easy to do this.

Open the page, which contains all the sites offering the exchange of Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR), and compare them by the following parameters:

  • cryptocurrency exchange rate;
  • the amount of the commission charged;
  • currency reserve.

After choosing the best offer from the exchanger in Crypto Trading Spain, simply click on it with the mouse. This will open the official website of the exchanger in front of you. On their website, you will be prompted to fill out a standard application form, entering the requested information. Once you have completed the form, the next step is to transfer the required amount of bitcoins to the specified account. After making the transfer, it is essential to exercise a little patience and wait for the corresponding Monero digital coins to reach your wallet.

In general, the operation takes 15-20 minutes. If you still need clarification when choosing, you can read user reviews about the exchanger that attracts your attention. You can also find a lot of useful information here.

Having familiarized yourself with the materials, it will be easier for you to conclude transactions. In addition, you will better understand the features of monitoring.

Where to make a deal to purchase cryptocurrency

One of the specialized exchange sites will help you solve the problem. We are talking about a resource engaged in purchasing and selling electronic, digital, and fiat currencies, converting them at current rates. A virtual exchange office takes a commission for its services, which forms its income.

The scheme of work is simple: the client transfers a certain amount of digital coins – Bitcoin to the exchanger account, after which he receives the equivalent in Monero coins to the wallet, minus the commission. The only point that requires increased attention is the choice of an exchange site.

There are a lot of scammers in this area, and such sites should be avoided. That is why it is better to entrust the choice to professionals.

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