Good Kid-Friendly Channels That Parents Should Know About

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As the world of technology and digital creation continues to expand, YouTube in particular has come out as a treasure box of educational and productive content for kids. From fascinating animations that beautifully, teach basic academic skills to captivating videos that boost creativity and interest, the platform essentially provides an almost infinite collection of resources.

However, with such huge amounts of (not always so awesome) content, it is also super easy for parents to sometimes feel scared and overwhelmed when striving to select the best channels for their young ones.

Keeping all of this in mind, we have decided to write this article today and dig into the depths of YouTube’s amazing educational channels, recognizing the finest ones that essentially cater to all kinds of age groups as well as learning needs.

The aim here is to assist parents explore this vast digital landscape more easily, making certain your kids can greatly benefit from these enlightening online experiences while simultaneously having fun. All you need at this point is a great internet connection that will help you watch all these YouTube videos smoothly, without any interruptions.

If you are looking for one, our recommendation would be to sign up with CenturyLink’s high-tier fiber internet which offers great internet speeds at affordable rates. Simply contact CenturyLink servicio al cliente (for Latin Americans) and sign up for this internet deal. Now that you are well equipped to watch all the YouTube videos, you can go ahead and explore the YouTube channels we have enlisted below.

In this article, we have successfully compiled a list of four great YouTube channels for your children. So leave everything aside and keep reading.

  1. JoMo Kids

Even though JoMo Kids isn’t a huge channel, it still has a great fan following and has ended up making its place in the hearts of quite a lot of kids aged 3-7. This YouTube channel mostly focuses on helping kids grow their own vegetables, fruits, practice the art of sustainability and simultaneously contribute to their respective communities.

The best part of this channel is that it puts great emphasis on the early and emotional learning of young children. The super fun, interactive, age-appropriate, and easy-to-understand videos make the whole learning experience quite entertaining.

  1. Socratica Kids

Socratics Kids uploads videos that make the entire process of learning about science, mathematics, and the humanities super fun as well as accessible for children (ages 5-12). The videos uploaded on this channel are very informative, captivating, and engaging, providing clear, easy-to-understand explanations exploring different subjects like maths, art, science, history, and more, promoting curiosity as well as critical thinking. If you also have little kids who are keen on learning, just subscribe to this YouTube channel and get ready to watch all the fun-filled, academic videos.

  1. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a very interactive educational channel offering bright, interactive animations explaining different subjects from science and math to general knowledge and English for ages 3-11. The videos uploaded on this channel are clear, concise, engaging, and to the point, explaining intricate topics in an easy to comprehend way.

If you want your child to develop a keen interest in current events and other academic subjects that promote critical thinking skills, then subscribing to this channel is a must for you. Parents should essentially be aware that some videos might also require a subscription to the BrainPOP official website for complete access.

  1. Learn Bright

This YouTube channel is focused on uploading informative, educational videos for children that are super fun and engaging. The information conveyed in the videos is well-researched and is taken from credible sources. Learn Bright is a YouTube channel specifically designed for those children who have a passion for learning and want to study all topics properly and accurately.

The channel is designed specifically to support those parents who feel like homeschooling their children. Moreover, the YouTube channel is also for those teachers who are in search of resources that they can use to teach in their traditional classrooms. So if you are also a concerned parent who wants your child to perform very well at school, then don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel.

Final Words

Gaining access to meaningful education and learning has become super easy now thanks to the advancement in technology. There are many interactive, fun channels on YouTube that your child can watch in order to learn new things in an exciting way. We hope the four kid-friendly channels that we have mentioned above will make the learning experience for your child worthwhile. Subscribe to them all and thank us later.

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