Steps Towards Writing a Great Scholarship Essay

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How to prove to a university that you need financial support? In the description of many scholarships and grants, you can find wording such as “financial need.” This concept refers to the case when a student meets all the entrance requirements of the university but cannot pay for their studies themselves. Financial need is an important factor for a student to receive a scholarship to study at a university.

Financial need scholarships are offered by

  • Universities
  • Governments
  • External funds and organizations.

A scholarship may partially or fully cover the cost of education. The amount of the scholarship is determined individually. If every student knows how to prove their academic achievement, then proving financial need is often difficult. But it can be achieved if you write a good scholarship essay. Get help using scholarship essay writing service if you don’t know how to write such papers . You will receive an essay sample that will give you a clear idea about how to convince a committee that you are a perfect candidate to get a scholarship. 

Steps for writing a scholarship essay

  1. First, write a draft of a scholarship essay.
  2. Quickly review the text to understand its structure.
  3. Compare your text with examples of scholarship essays that you have seen on the Internet.
  4. Determine what parts are missing and how you can improve your writing.
  5. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.
  6. Be sure to ask an experienced person to read your essay.
  7. Determine what parts need to be fixed.
  8. Reread and correct the text until you have a perfect essay (or near perfect without grammatical errors).

The structure of the scholarship essay should follow the usual structure of essays with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Although the structure of all essays is the same, the stories and motivations of all people are different.


Since the selection committee reads a very large number of essays of the same structure, it is important in the introduction to involve and interest the reader – the selection committee. Begin the essay with the most unusual fact, the most unusual accomplishments in your life that are related to your motivation for applying to study.

For example, you can start with the fact that you were among the top 100 school graduates in the country according, and in addition to good academic achievements, you have experience working in the OSCE, UN, etc. You can tell how working in international organizations influenced you, your values, career goals and led you to the decision to continue your studies at this university. You can also write what studying in a master’s program in the USA will give you.

Facts and experience, and not beautiful sentences, should speak for you. Therefore, we advise you to disclose your achievements and relevant work experience. In this way, you will get more chances to get a scholarship.

Main part:

And in the main part of the scholarship essay, you need to reveal the topic and show how the unusual, atypical fact sets you apart from other applicants and why you are the right candidate for getting a scholarship. Be sure to indicate your expectations from your studies, which will give impetus to your career growth and future goals. Show that you are a worthy candidate, but at the same time, with gaps in knowledge and experience that you seek to fill. In the main part, you should provide enough evidence that you need a scholarship.


In conclusion, it should be mentioned that you are not only a recipient but also a potentially active member of the university community and the program. Mention how you see yourself contributing to the program you are applying for. Also, don’t forget to remind a committee once again that you have a financial need to obtain a scholarship. Thanking the admissions committee for their time is also a good idea.

Common mistakes when writing a scholarship essay

The biggest mistake in writing a scholarship essay is to write something like – “I have always dreamed of working in this field,” or that you, for example, come from a family of doctors and would like to continue the family business, following in the footsteps of your parents. This is the worst of all possible options. Instead, you should write about your interests and achievements in the direction in which you want to study. Let your achievements and experience speak for you.

How to prove the financial need for a scholarship?

If you want to receive assistance based on financial need, you must prove it at the stage of applying for a scholarship. To receive a scholarship, you need to submit an application and supporting documents. The application is submitted directly to the educational institution or other scholarship provider.

In this case, financial need can be reflected in the following documents:

  • scholarship essay
  • bank statements (of the student or their sponsors)
  • documents confirming the amount of income (student or sponsors)
  • documents confirming the amount of mandatory expenses (student or sponsors)
  • documents on payment and its amount from previous places of study (if the student studied on a paid basis)

In addition to the exact numbers reflected in the documents, it is important to tell the scholarship provider about your financial situation in a scholarship essay.

Write about why you need financial assistance and how the scholarship will help you reach your goal. Once again, indicate the factors that directly and indirectly confirm your financial need.

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