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Online casino users have a particular fondness for football-themed slots, and it’s not difficult to see why. These slots perfectly blend the excitement of the beautiful game with the thrill of casino gaming.

In the article, we will compare three slots with the same sports plot – a penalty shootout in soccer. These are slot machines Penalty Shootout from provider 1x2gaming, Penalty Shoot Out from Evoplay Entertainment and Penalty Shoot Out from provider Playtech. They don’t have the typical reels and paylines, freespins and bonuses. 

The games aim to score football penalties. You can find them on the casino Bollywood and other popular gambling sites. Let’s describe the properties of the machines and compare their characteristics.

Why are football-themed slots so popular?

Football-themed slots have captured the hearts of football enthusiasts and casino players worldwide, and their high demand can be attributed to several compelling reasons.

  • Universal Appeal: Football is a global phenomenon, with millions of fans across continents. Football-themed slots tap into this universal appeal, making them relevant and attractive to a broad audience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the theme resonates with players of all backgrounds.
  • Licensed Content: Some football-themed slots have official licenses from renowned football clubs, leagues, or FIFA. They can use official team logos, player likenesses, and other assets to enhance the game’s authenticity and attract fans of specific teams or players.
  • Special Features: These slots often come with unique features like free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers tied to football-related scenarios. These features make the gameplay more exciting and offer opportunities for substantial wins.
  • Nostalgia: For many, football holds a special place in their hearts, bringing back memories of watching games with family and friends. Football-themed slots tap into this nostalgia, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort.

The high demand for football-themed slots can be attributed to their ability to capture the sport’s excitement, passion, and universal appeal. Whether you’re a football fanatic or just looking for an engaging and entertaining slot experience, these games offer a winning combination of elements that keep players coming back for more.

Penalty Shoot Out (1x2gaming)

Penalty slot machine from the provider 1x2gaming has been delivered to casinos since December 2018—a low volatility machine with a theoretical payout of 96.02%. The bet is from 0.1 to 500 coins. The maximum win per round is 10,000 bets. The gameplay resembles roulette, where you need to make the right choice. The main goal of each round is to predict the results of the penalty shootout.

Initially, the user is determined by the team and players. There is an opportunity to familiarize the table with the characteristics of each athlete. After the gamer bets on strikes, you can choose a goal or a miss. Before each penalty, within 10 seconds, determines the trajectory of the ball’s flight. The amount won depends on the size of the bets and the number of guessed options. The winnings can be taken at any time.

Penalty Shoot Out (Evoplay Entertainment)

The simulator appeared in online casinos in May 2020. Low volatility / RTP – 96% / Bet from 1 to 500 coins. Winning per round – up to 30 bets. The gamer’s task is to choose the right goals in the goal and score five penalties in a row. In doing so, he will earn the maximum amount.

Before a series of kicks, the user chooses 1 of 24 countries whose players will carry out penalties. Then, it determines the bet for each kick and the trajectory of the ball’s flight. A total of 5 goals are available in the goal. Each game cycle consists of 5 kicks. The higher the bet and the more consecutive goals scored, the more significant the victory. The round ends prematurely if the goalkeeper catches the ball or the user stops the game and takes the money. The gamer has the right to click the Hash button in the slot and check the work of the random number generator.

Penalty Shootout Playtech

Penalty slot launched in casinos online in May 2014. The volatility is low. The theoretical payout percentage is 97.2% (when the ball hits the lower corners of the goal – 96.9%, in the upper corners – 97.2%, and in the centre – 96%). Bet from 0.1 to 100 coins—the maximum winning amount for 1 goal – 12 bets.

Depending on the hit’s location, the user is awarded an amount with a multiplier. Before hitting, the gamer makes a bet. Then, the user chooses 1 of 5 goals in the goal and shoots a penalty. For a goal in the lower corners, a multiplier of x3 is awarded, in the centre of the goal – x5, and in the upper corners – x12. If the player does not score, he loses the bet amount.

Slots similarities

The 3 Penalty Shoot Out slot machines have the same features:

  • Common theme – soccer.
  • The same principle of the game – penalty shoot-out.
  • No reels, freespins, bonuses and jackpots.
  • Low volatility.

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Comparison results

E-slot Penalty Shoot Out from Playtech has a higher payout percentage; the other values are about the same. He gets 1 point for this. The more comprehensive range of bets (from 0.1 to 500 coins) in the slot machine Penalty Shootout from 1x2gaming. He is awarded 1 point. It is also significantly greater maximum winnings for five penalties, and he gets another 1 point.

In the first two variants, there is an opportunity to choose a team of players who shoot penalties. For this, they are given 1 point each. Penalty Shoot Out by Evoplay Entertainment is famous in online casinos, unlike other slots, for which it earns 2 points. As a result, Penalty games from providers 1x2gaming and Evoplay score 3 points each and rank higher than the slot machine from Playtech.

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