The Significance of Ruby Birthstone Jewelry: Celebrating July Birthdays

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Ruby has not only made its place in history as a pretty stone worn by the aristocrats but also because of its cultural and spiritual significance. Also known by the name of king of all stones ruby has been one of the most precious and riyal gems of all time. The second diamond in hardness ruby is considered to be different in its blood-red colour. This colour of the stone has some special qualities and is believed to be connected with life-fluid blood.

Also, several legends are still spoken of surrounding this tone. Ancient Burmese warriors believed this stone to be a talisman that may protect them from any physical damage during the war. So, they implanted this tone inside their skin so that the life energy of this gem gets submerged into their system and they never get hurt by any weapon.

Ruby is believed to be the blood of mother earth itself and holds the mystery of life. In some cultures, rubies are even laid in the ground before laying the foundation of a building. This way the wealth and fortune of the owner will stay intact and will increase gradually.

 Meaning of July Birthstone

The ruby holds deep meaning both culturally and spiritually. The gem is associated with sun and fire which brings wealth, clarity, better health and ward off any evil spirit around us. Also, The colour of the stone signifies passion, courage and vitality making it the best stone for warriors.

What is July’s Birthstone

The ruby originated from the corundum. The corundum is transparent but with the reaction of some element, it takes the form of ruby or sapphire. Ruby is the second hardest Corundum just after diamond and due to its unique range of colour they hold an important position in History. They are known for their healing property and the red colour is believed to increase the life energy of the person who wears this stone. This stone is specifically lucky for the July born as this stone is a symbol of honour courage and wealth. Some people prefer it as oval diamond engagement rings due to the attractive style having ruby in it.

This stone is specifically lucky for Cancer and Leo as they are July born. Both these zodiac sign has fire as their base element and ruby is considered to be the representation of the sun. This person is loving, creative, fearless and can soothe anger from your body. Leo and Cancer are the two fire signs  in our Zodiac birth chart and Ruby is the most complimenting stone for this person. The Ruby people are emotional, Passionate, moody and also very approachable. You forgive very easily and never hold on to any negative thoughts. Also, that is the reason why you trust people more easily.

Ruby is best for those who have a block on their heart chakra. This stone being the symbol of passion and love can heal your heart chakra and activate it.

Ruby is the best stone for you if you are a July born. But make sure to buy it from the best Jewellers Hatton garden to make sure of the genuinity of the stone.

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