New88 Withdrawal Instructions And Notes When Withdrawing

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Withdrawing at New88 online bookie will become much simpler, more convenient, and easier. However, when withdrawing money players need to comply with the rules of financial transactions. To limit the situation of being permanently locked out of your account when betting at New88. Follow the article below to understand more.

1. What is the New88 withdrawal policy?

Regulations need to pay attention to withdrawal transaction

Regulations on withdrawal policy at New88 will be publicly announced to players. When participating, players need to understand and follow the rules. In order to help players avoid being locked out of their accounts or permanently deleted.

1.1 Transaction amount per day

The amount of money deposited into the New88 account is unlimited for players. The minimum amount in each deposit is 300,000 VND and there is no maximum limit for the day. This is a note when depositing money at the New88 casino.

Besides, for the amount to be withdrawn, players want to withdraw at least 200,000 VND. However, the maximum amount that players can withdraw is 100 million VND. The amount of trading and withdrawing money is not limited but can only be withdrawn up to 640 million VND in a day.

1.2 Withdrawal regulations at New88

When players need to withdraw money from New88 account, they need to ensure the deposit amount. Which, you must go through at least 1 round of bets before you can withdraw money from your account. This regulation helps to ensure that players do not take advantage of a loophole in the withdrawal policy.

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1.3 Commitment of New88

In order to protect the interests of players in the matter of depositing and withdrawing money at New 88. Currently, the bookie does not require any fees during the transaction. Owning a full range of negotiation methods with the highest 1:1 conversion rate for players.

2. The steps to withdraw money at the New88 are super simple

New88 Withdrawal Instructions And Notes When Withdrawing1

Refer to the step-by-step instructions for quick and convenient withdrawal at New888

How to withdraw money at New88 is quite simple and extremely convenient. However, to save time, withdraw money faster, it is necessary to depend on the following steps:

Step 1: First click login, find and select the withdrawal item, and the withdrawal function will appear on the form. Then fill in the required information.

Step 2: Players need to fill in information related to the amount and bank account. Especially remember the branch where the bank account is opened, the name of the account holder, and the required account number.

Step 3: Please check all the information and then press the withdrawal button. If it is the first time making a transaction, the system will need time to confirm the bank account information. It will take 3-5 minutes for a withdrawal order.

3. Notes when withdrawing money at New88 quickly

Here we will summarize the notes when withdrawing money at the New88 online betting bookie. To help players protect their rights and money, specifically, there are the following notes:

New88 Withdrawal Instructions And Notes When Withdrawing2

Important notes when withdrawing New 88 fully updated

3.1. Verified account

New88 requires players to provide accurate personal information. Specifically, the information about the player’s name must match the bank account player’s name. If there is no match, the player will not be able to make a withdrawal.

3.2. Update payment information in the playing account

For players, when changing in bank account information, it should be updated in the personal account section. At this time, a staff member will call to guide players to quickly implement. If there is a loss of property due to incorrect information, New88 will not be responsible. This is one of the very important notes when withdrawing money that should not be ignored.

4. Refer to the current New88 withdrawal methods

New88 supports players with many payment methods. Various forms of withdrawal make it convenient for players to withdraw money. Some of the withdrawal methods players can refer to are as follows:

  • Withdraw money through popular and convenient e-wallets when associated with the bookie.
  • Branch system of banks associated with New88 in Vietnam.
  • Withdraw money through Internet banking.

The shares in this article are related to New88 withdrawals, how to do and notes. Hopefully, these brief, specific, and detailed content will be useful to readers.

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