Liquid’s fiasco: the main reasons

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Events in the world of eSports are constantly changing, and one of the recent events that many Dota 2 betting fans at king567 betting shop are talking about is the elimination of the Liquid team from the DreamLeague Season 20 tournament. This impressive event not only disappointed many fans, but also caused a wave of speculation about the future of the players, including MiCKe.

Let’s first understand why this could have happened and what could have affected one of the most stable teams in the 2022-2023 Dota 2 season so much. King567 app found out several reasons that could answer all the questions, and here they are:

  • New patch, new gameplay. Not all teams had a smooth transition to the new patch in Dota 2, which significantly expanded the map and added several new mechanics. According to king567 login, this was one of the main reasons for the failure of Liquid led by miCKe. The team simply failed to switch to the new rules of esports and obviously needed more time to win the first money from a major championship;
  • Team disorder, perhaps the reason is miCKe? King567 login official website also does not forget about the option with increased toxicity of miCKe and expected problems with Liquid on this foundation. We shouldn’t forget that Dota 2 is a team game and communication solves a lot, and in a retail team, there can be no question of healthy communication;
  • Increased competition and underestimation of opponents. Who better than king567 app bookmaker to know about such cases. Liquid matches often appear in a wide betting line from king567, where you can win real money just by betting on matches of your favorite teams. But Liquid began to underestimate their opponents, who in turn are progressing and that’s why we have the results that led to miCKe’s plans to leave the team.

Will miCKe move somewhere else?

The fate of the Liquid team remains unclear as of today. Some speculations, according to king567, talk about possible changes in the team’s composition, including the possible dismissal of some players, but these rumors have not yet been confirmed. But you can expect anything, starting with the complete disintegration of the team, or some specific replacements in the team.

As for MiCKe, his future is also of interest not only to fans but also to king567. He is one of the most talented players in Dota 2 and his unique style of play has always attracted the attention of a large number of fans of the beautiful game. Many people assume that MiCKe will find a new team and may even receive offers from other well-known organizations. He has a good reputation and is a valuable asset for any team, according to king567 bookmaker.

However, there is no specific information about where MiCKe will end up in the future. Let’s hope that he will find a team that can unleash his potential and succeed in the professional Dota 2 scene. And 1will be waiting for new Liquid matches, which you can not only watch on the online broadcasts, but also win money by placing a bet.

We wish MiCKe and all the players of the Liquid team good luck in their future careers. The world of esports is full of surprises, and we are confident that these players will be able to overcome the difficulties and return to major tournaments with renewed vigor.

“Ok, I’m looking for a new team”

It is now known that a member of SE Team Liquid made a very provocative post on Twitter.  Literally, the player tweeted: “Ok, I’m looking for a new team.” The Swedish esportsman did this right after SE Team Liquid won their last match at DreamLeague Season 20. According to the king-567 bookmaker, the news is most likely a joke. The player himself is known for his sense of humor.

Is it possible that this particular post provoked so much speculation on this topic? It is known that the Swedish esports player used to play for several other well-known teams. For example, such as Alliance, Team Doge, and others. Currently, no more specific information about MiCKe’s future is known. Because of this, fans and supporters of esports can only wait for the news, which will be 100% before the new season.

That is why king567 login official website will follow all the events in the world of esports to be the first to tell you about them.

What is known about DreamLeague Season 20?

Since one of the most important events in the DOTA 2 discipline has already ended, king567 offers to recap the main news. We would like to remind you that the tournament took place from June 11 to June 25. Participants competed not only for a $1 million prize pool but also for two passes to the Riyadh Masters 2023.

The departure of the Liquid team was unfortunate news for all fans and bettors. Especially taking into account the fact that they still won their last competition. The winner was Gaimin Gladiators. This is not to say that Gladiators’ first place is undeserved. It should also be noted that the team has won the fourth major tournament in a row. 1win continues to follow the news and share it with its readers.

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