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Baseball is a popular game and widely played in the United States. It is a team game and played with bat and ball. Nine players are playing each player on a large field having 4 bases. There are 9 different positions so there are different types of gloves available that are designed for different positions. Every type of glove is different from each other. Their specifications, sizes, and padding each and everything is different. That allows the player at their respective position to perform their best game.

Different Types of Gloves

  • Infield gloves
  • Outfield gloves
  • Catcher gloves
  • Pitcher gloves

The above are the popular types, we discuss infield baseball gloves

Infield Baseball Gloves

Infielder players wear infield gloves that are small and look like a small pocket, as compared to the outfielder gloves. Because the infielder’s position required the small features of gloves for playing. These are the most crucial for infielders.

Key Features Infield Gloves


These are specially designed for the second and third basemen. These small gloves with shallow features allow the infielder to field the ball in a quick and fast manner. Then transfer it to their throwing hand to make a strong and fast throw.

  • Youth size: 9” – 11.5”
  • Adult size range: 11.25”- 11.75”
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Key Advantage

The above features help in quick transfer from gloves to throwing hands. Also, provide accurate and strong throws.

How Are Infielder Baseball Gloves Important?

Infield baseball gloves are essential for protection and the right ones can help minimize mistakes in the field. Otherwise, wrong picking undermines the best one.

More than any other type of baseball equipment the gloves take more attention. Players should get what they pay with infield baseball gloves. Better material makes better gloves. Inexpensive, low-quality, and imitation leather does not hold the ball and it could become more difficult to even catch the ball during the game. So, do not compromise on quality and pricing. The best material makes the gloves awesome and has a good grip on the ball. Good quality keeps the gloves’ shape longer and makes the gloves more durable and able to be used for a long time.

High-Quality Infield Baseball Gloves Make an Amazing Impact on Performance

Infield gloves are designed in that manner to help play quickly. The lightweight and durability of the material is the key factor that can maximize performance and also help in playing with consistency.

It is essential that you choose the right gloves for the right position. Perfect gloves help in catching and preventing injuries.

Infield gloves allow players in the infield position to make snappy plays on the ball moving at a fast speed.

Baseball infield gloves also facilitate making plays with the ball and increase confidence levels.

Other key benefits are

  • Promotes perfect fundamentals and mechanics
  • Provide effective quickness and action-reaction timing
  • Help in fasting speed for ball

Top 3 Infield Baseball Gloves

  • Rawling PRO Preferred Baseball Glove

This is the best premium infield gloves and one of the most expensive. These are also called professional infield gloves. Unparalleled quality makes it more prominent.

  • Mizuno Pro Select

These are the popular gloves, and the next important thing is that they are the best budget infielder gloves. In this way, the customer should get the best quality at a reasonable price. It is available in different ranges and divided into two categories. Both regular and shallow pocket versions are available.

  • Wilson A2000 Baseball Infield Glove

These high-end alternative gloves come in three major brands. Each brand has a different price, it is up to the customer what they should choose. The gloves provide perfect grip and are available in all sizes. Amazing durability and perfect leather material make the brand popular.

Buying Guidance on Choosing the Best Infield Gloves

A lot of things need attention. Some major considerations are necessary to focus on before purchasing baseball gloves. Some major requirements that help you to hunt for the right equipment are.

1-Material and construction

This is the first thing that needs full attention. Every type of quality is available. In this.

  • Buffalo skin

In this type of the material is durable and it will be difficult to break. Once you can handle it, it lasts for a long time.

  • Kip leather

This one is made of premium leather. It is stiff but not too hard and easily breaks. Overall smooth quality is incredible.

  • Cowhide

These standard-quality gloves are the most popular and most recommended. Users should use that kind of glove for the entire season.


A pocket is essential so focus on it before buying whether the pocket is shallow or standard. Most are comfortable with shallow pockets while some are okay with standard. A standard pocket gives better control and the chance of missing out the ball decreases. You need to be sure what kind of pocket is beneficial for you.

3-Left and right hand

Most infielders come up with two-handed orientations. Throw the ball with left-hand means oriented and right-hand throw ball means right oriented. Before buying ensure that you have selected the perfect or exact one.


Padding is the most important thing to focus on because the padding of baseball gloves helps to catch the ball comfortably.


Everyone has a different palm size, so make sure the one you picked is perfectly adjusted and fits your hand.


Size also matters. Small, large, and medium size gloves are available so, choose wisely. Perfect size gives perfect grip otherwise the player should not be focusing on playing the game and lose grip because of distraction during playing the game.

Concluding Words

Infield baseball gloves are the most crucial part of the game. A perfect glove turns the game and makes the player more comfortable. So, before picking up the right one focus on material and gripping power. A perfect piece of infield baseball gloves impacts on game. So, before purchasing get too aware of the key features of equipment.

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