What Is the Dress Code for Business Casual Men?

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In today’s changing work environment, the concept of office attire has become more flexible. While in the past a suit and tie were considered the norm many companies now embrace a dress code known as business casual. What exactly does this term mean? The definition of “business casual” can vary depending on the company, as different organizations may have their interpretations.

However, in general business, casual refers to a dress code that’s more sophisticated, than streetwear but less formal than a traditional suit and tie. It strikes a balance between maintaining professionalism and ensuring comfort, allowing individuals to showcase their style while still appearing polished.

Dressing for Professional Success

Even though business casual allows for freedom in terms of clothing choices it is still crucial to maintain an image. Here are some tips to consider:


When selecting shirts for a business casual setting opt, for ones that are more relaxed with button-down collars. This style serves as an alternative to dress shirts. You can experiment with patterns to add interest to your outfit. Since wearing a tie is not required in business environments you have the opportunity to try out collar styles and colors that reflect your personal taste.


In a business casual setting, dress pants often tend to be too formal. Instead, consider investing in a couple of pairs of polished chinos. These trousers provide a comfortable option while still ensuring a refined look. Opt for colors and fabrics that match your style and pair them with shoes.


The choice of shoes is really important when it comes to dressing in a business style. While dress shoes are always a bet, they might be too formal for this dress code. Instead, you could consider going for Chelsea boots, which strike a balance between casual and classy. These versatile shoes can elevate outfits while toning down others making them a perfect choice for a business casual environment.


Accessories are a way to showcase your style while still adhering to the business casual dress code. Adding a watch or a bracelet can perfectly complete your outfit. However, it’s important not to go with accessories. Keep it minimal and tasteful to maintain an appearance.

What Not to Wear for Business Casual

Even though business casual allows for flexibility than office attire there are still certain clothing items that should be avoided. These pieces lean much towards formality or casualness, making them unsuitable for the business casual setting. To ensure you’re dressed appropriately steer clear of the following:


While some workplaces may permit T-shirts, even those of quality or luxury brands are generally considered casual for a business casual dress code. Save your T-shirts for the weekend. Opt for polished alternatives, during office hours.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are usually considered to be, on the dressier side of business attire. Although they can be suitable in certain scenarios like when combined with an open collar dress shirt it’s generally advisable to wear them in more formal settings.

Athletic Sneakers and Work Boots

Sneakers and steel-toed work boots might not be the choice for a business casual dress code in most office settings. While they could be acceptable in industries or job positions, they generally lean towards the casual side. A better option would be to go for dress sneakers, as they strike a balance, between being comfortable and maintaining an appearance.

Last Strike

In terms of business attire, it’s important to note that different companies might have different interpretations of what is considered appropriate. To play it safe it is advised to err on the side until you have a better understanding of what your colleagues typically wear. Take some time to observe their outfits and adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

As a rule, it’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed in a business casual environment. By dressing for the job, you aspire to have than your current position you can showcase your professionalism and dedication to your work.

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