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IT sphere is rich in professions because only some have to write code to create a product. Any team should always have QA engineers – specialists who check the original product’s or project requirements’ compliance with the developer’s final work.

The article below considers the following:

  • What exactly does a QA engineer do?
  • What knowledge do QA engineers need?
  • How to become a tester, and should I start the QA tester course?

So if you want to become a tester, read to the end.

IT courses with certificate: Why must you learn about QA specialists?

A QA specialist is a professional who verifies the finished product or functionality with the original requirements and technical documentation. It is a popular profession that is now inextricably linked to the work of developers. 

According to a study by ISTQB (International Software Testing Community), more than 85% of organizations consider testing a critical component of the development process. Any IT solution must be tested, mainly if people’s lives and safety depend on it. The software continues to evolve, and companies will always need experts to guarantee its quality.

The QA area includes many different roles and specializations, such as manual and automated testing, safety testing, load testing, and more. It allows you to choose the direction that suits your interests and skills.

In addition, you should decide to study, as with increased experience, you can quickly move up the career ladder and start work as a lead tester, QA manager, and others.

Programming courses Philippines: What’s waiting for you in class?

If you don’t know anything about testing yet, we recommend getting the most information on the free QA marathon. On it you:

  • get more basic information about why QA specialist work is needed;
  • get to know Jira, Git, Postman, and other platforms that help modern testers do the job;
  • create your first test project.

Immediately after four days of the QA Engineer marathon, you will receive a diploma, the first knowledge, and confidence that you should continue your training.

Here’s what you’ll know in GoIT.

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Testing Types and Their Application: Your journey into testing will encompass an in-depth exploration of various testing types, enabling you to apply them in appropriate contexts adeptly.
  2. Proficiency in Crafting Test Cases and Formulating Test Plans: You will gain mastery in the creation of meticulous test cases and strategic test plans, honing your ability to assess software performance methodically.
  3. Mastery of Bug Tracking Systems: Equally indispensable is your familiarity with bug tracking systems, a crucial component that allows you to effectively document, monitor, and address software issues.

This knowledge forms the foundation of the initial module in GoIT’s tech courses in the Philippines, where you will acquire expertise and earn a certificate. Subsequently, the second module will delve deeper into programming languages and specialized tools, enhancing your skill set.

Your educational journey will commence with a comprehensive grasp of HTML and CSS, followed by JavaScript. Particularly valuable to a tester is the comprehension of client-server architecture, SQL, database management, and mobile testing. As the testing landscape evolves, you will also develop the proficiency to create automated task tests.

Lastly, the third and final module of GoIT’s curriculum encompasses Soft Skills, a vital component for fostering exceptional teamwork, refining English language proficiency, and effectively preparing you for successful job interviews.

How to decide to go to the best online coding courses? 

To start training, you need to answer only three questions.

  1. Do you want to work in IT but don’t want to write code? You can acquire QA engineering skills if you answer this question “yes” and have analytical thinking.
  2. Are you meticulous and like checks more than the ability to create new elements? If the answer is positive, you have every chance to understand basic QA knowledge quickly.
  3. Do you have advanced computer skills? To become a QA specialist, you only need a computer and a desire to change the profession. No more schools or study at the desk. After three months, you will learn to get the first job. 

If you are a beginner and want to become a technician, you must attend IT courses online. GoIT managers will help you to get the knowledge you need from the tester. And if you want, during the training, you will be able to understand the basics of programming and the essence of development in JS, Java, and Python.

Remember that QA Engineer training is just the first step. After acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills, you must practice, improve and grow professionally. It is essential to remain open to new challenges and technological innovations that constantly change the face of the industry.

However, despite all technical aspects, do not forget about soft skills. The successful QA Engineer also possesses communication skills, teamwork, and adaptability to change.

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