Disposable vs Refillable Vapes: Pros and Cons 

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In recent years, vaping has emerged as a popular alternative to smoking. Statistics suggest that global vaping sales are expected to reach $40 million by the end of 2023 from $15.7 million in 2018. Vaping has evolved over the years, starting from refillable pod mods to vaping pens and now disposable e-cigarettes. 

More and more vapers have switched to the Best vape juice eLiquids out there in the market, and it’s clear why. Disposable vapes are user-friendly, require low maintenance, and are affordable as compared to the old-fashioned vape mods.

But choosing either of the two is not as simple as you may think; refillable vapes are reliable, and they offer control and customization to the user. Which one will you choose? Let’s take a deeper look into both types of vapes.

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Disposable Vapes: Why Choose Them?

Disposable vapes are single-use, small vaping devices that are pre-filled with e-liquid and charged batteries. The device is sealed and buttonless. It is activated as the person inhales it. So why are they so popular among the common vapers? Let’s find out:

  • Convenience 

Disposable vapes are the easiest vapes to use as they have no refill option. You can start vaping by simply inhaling on the device. They are smaller in size, making them easy to carry around, giving you the option of vaping on the go. They require no or very little maintenance as there are no options for charging or refilling them. 

  • Affordable

Disposable vapes are cheaper as compared to refillable vape mods. As there is no glass tank for refilling, no separate e-liquid to buy, and no charging port, the disposable vapes are far more affordable. New vapers can also rely on disposable vapes as they are cost-effective, saving them money on the bigger mods during the initial phases. 

  • Better Flavor 

As stated earlier, disposable vapes are sealed, so their e-liquid is pre-sweetened by the manufacturers and hence gives that extra kick.

Refillable Vapes: Reliable as Ever

Refillable vapes are also known as vape mods. They are the original reusable vapes having a refillable tank or pod and a rechargeable battery. They offer a wide variety of benefits to the users, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Control and Customization:

Refillable vapes offer you control over vaping; you can choose the flavor of the e-liquid as well as the nicotine strength. You also have the option to enjoy several flavors at once or change the flavor by simply changing the pod.

Moreover, refillable vapes are available in a wide variety of designs, giving you the option to choose according to your personality. Designs can also be customized using decorative or protective covers available for some of the refillable vapes.

  • Vapor Production and Throat Hit 

Refillable vapes are made keeping in mind the wide range of users, all of whom require different levels and intensity of nicotine, throat hit, and the PG and VG ratio in their e-liquids. You can now choose an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio and get a sharper throat hit. 

  • Cost Effective in the Longer Run

Seasoned vapers will tell you that disposable vapes are as cheap as they seem. For one-hit wonders or those who are looking to get into vaping for the first time, disposable vapes can be the best option. But for experienced vapers, continuously having to buy disposable vapes is inconvenient. Rather, buy once and keep refilling a reusable mod. 

  • Environment Friendly

Disposing of disposable vapes is a major concern for the environment; they increase the overall electric waste. In comparison, refillable vapes are reusable and, therefore, do not contribute to environmental degradation. 

Take Away

Vaping has seen significant growth in recent years, attracting new vapers, smokers making the switch, and other users. Choosing the best vape type can be tough; both disposable and refillable vapes have pros and cons. 

While the disposable one is user-friendly and cost-effective, the refillable one has more customization options and a better-used experience. Choose a disposable vape if you are just getting into vaping and are unsure if you are gonna like it or not. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of vaping, refillable vapes are the way to go. 

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