Allison Holker’s Net Worth 2024: Biography, Career, Family, Physical Appearances and Social Media

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Allison Holker’s Net Worth 2024: Allison Holker, a renowned American dancer and choreographer, has built an impressive net worth through her successful career in the entertainment industry. As of 2024, her estimated net worth is approximately $3 million. Let’s break down her sources of income and how she compares to her peers. One of the primary sources contributing to Holker’s impressive net worth is her work as a choreographer for numerous high-profile projects spanning across television, film, and music videos. Her choreography has graced the stages of award shows, concerts, and theatrical productions, earning her critical acclaim and industry accolades.

Allison Holker’s Net Worth 2024

Allison Holkers Net Worth 2024 1

Source of Income Net Worth Contribution (Estimated)
Allison Holker’s Dance Performances $500,000
Allison Holker’s Choreography Projects $750,000
Allison Holker’s Television Appearances $1,000,000
Allison Holker’s Endorsements $200,000
Allison Holker’s Social Media $250,000
Allison Holker’s Investments $300,000

Allison Holker has earned a substantial income through various sources, including her dance performances, choreography work, and appearances on television shows, endorsements, social media, and investments.

Allison Holker’s Net Worth Comparison

Let’s compare Allison Holker’s net worth to some of her contemporaries in the entertainment industry.

Celebrity Net Worth (2024)
Allison Holker $3 million
Julianne Hough $10 million
Derek Hough $8 million
Misty Copeland $5 million
Maddie Ziegler $5 million
Steve Harvey   $200 million

While Allison Holker’s net worth is impressive, she falls slightly below some of her peers like Julianne Hough and Derek Hough, who have diversified their careers in dance, acting, and more.

Allison Holker’s Biography

Allison Holkers Biography

Allison Holker, born on February 6, 1988, in Minnesota, USA, is a renowned American dancer, choreographer, and actress. She rose to fame with her exceptional dancing skills and has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

Allison Holker’s Physical Appearances

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
  • Weight: Approximately 123 lbs. (56 kg)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown

Allison Holker possesses a charismatic and athletic appearance, which has contributed to her success as a dancer and performer.

Allison Holker’s Education and Early Interests

Allison Holker developed an early interest in dance and began her formal training at a young age. She attended Timpanogos High School in Orem, Utah, where she continued to hone her dance skills. Her dedication to dance led her to pursue a career in the field, and she quickly gained recognition for her talent.

Allison Holker’s Family

Allison Holker’s family plays an important role in her life and career. Here’s an overview of her family members:

Husband – Stephen “tWitch” Boss:

Stephen Boss, known professionally as “tWitch,” is a well-known dancer, actor, and DJ. He gained fame through his appearances on “So You Think You Can Dance” and has since become a prominent figure in the dance and entertainment industry.

Allison and tWitch met during their time on “So You Think You Can Dance” and developed a close bond. They got engaged in 2013 and married on December 10, 2013.

The couple’s love story and their shared passion for dance have made them a beloved duo in the entertainment world. They often collaborate on dance projects and share their journey as a family on social media.


Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss are proud parents of two children:

Maddox Laurel Boss: Maddox is the couple’s first child, born in 2016. He has already shown an interest in dance and frequently appears in videos and photos on his parents’ social media accounts.

Zaia Laurel Boss: Zaia is the couple’s second child, born in November 2019. Her birth was celebrated with joy and love by the entire family.

Extended Family:

Allison Holker and tWitch have a supportive extended family who have been there for them throughout their careers. They often share moments spent with their families, and family values are clearly important to them.

Dance Community:

Within the dance community, Allison Holker and tWitch have formed strong bonds with fellow dancers, choreographers, and industry professionals. They consider many of their colleagues as part of their extended dance family.

Allison Holker’s Career

Allison Holkers Career

Allison Holker’s career has been marked by remarkable achievements in the dance and entertainment industry. Here’s a glimpse into her career milestones:

  • Early Dance Career: Allison began her professional dance career by participating in the second season of the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2006, where she finished in the top 8. Her appearances on the show helped her gain recognition in the industry.
  • Choreography: Holker’s exceptional skills as a dancer led her to numerous choreography opportunities. She has worked on various projects, including music videos, live performances, and dance routines for television shows.
  • Television Appearances: Allison has made appearances on several popular television shows, including “Dancing with the Stars” and “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.” Her captivating performances on these shows further elevated her status in the entertainment world.
  • Acting: In addition to her dancing career, Holker has ventured into acting. She appeared in the hit Disney Channel movie “Teen Beach Movie” and has made guest appearances on TV series like “Bun heads.”
  • Entrepreneurship: Allison Holker, along with her husband tWitch, has also ventured into entrepreneurship. They have launched their dancewear collection, providing stylish and functional dance apparel to dancers and enthusiasts.

Allison Holker’s Social Media Accounts

Allison Holker maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, where she shares her dance performances, family moments, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life. Here are her main social media accounts:

Allison Holker’s Awards and Achievements

Allison Holker has received recognition and accolades for her outstanding contributions to the dance and entertainment industry throughout her career. While her list of awards and achievements is extensive, here are some of the notable ones:

  • Emmy Award Nominations: Allison Holker has earned several Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Choreography. Her innovative and captivating choreography work on television shows and performances has been acknowledged by the prestigious awards.
  • Dance Competition Victories: Holker’s exceptional dance skills have led her to victory in various dance competitions and showcases. Her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary and hip-hop styles has made her a standout performer in the dance world.
  • Dance Performances: Allison Holker has had the privilege of performing alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry. Her performances on stages and in music videos have been highly acclaimed by both fans and industry professionals.
  • Choreography Work: As a choreographer, Holker has worked on a multitude of projects, including music videos for top artists, live performances, and dance routines for television shows. Her creative choreography has left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.
  • Television Appearances: Holker’s appearances on television shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” have not only showcased her talent but have also earned her recognition as a prominent figure in the world of dance and entertainment.
  • Acting Roles: In addition to her dance and choreography career, Allison Holker has ventured into acting. Her role in the Disney Channel movie “Teen Beach Movie” garnered attention and expanded her presence in the entertainment industry.
  • Entrepreneurship: Alongside her husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Holker has co-founded HolkerBoss Dancewear, a dancewear collection that provides stylish and functional dance apparel. Their entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed to her multifaceted success.
  • Philanthropy: Allison Holker is actively involved in charitable work, particularly in supporting dance education programs and initiatives that provide opportunities for aspiring dancers. Her dedication to giving back to the dance community is another noteworthy achievement.

These achievements not only reflect Allison Holker’s immense talent but also her dedication to her craft and her significant impact on the dance and entertainment world.

Allison Holker’s Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Allison Renae Holker Boss
  • Date of Birth: February 6, 1988
  • Place of Birth: Minnesota, USA
  • Spouse: Stephen “tWitch” Boss
  • Children: Maddox and Zaia
  • Notable Appearances: “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Teen Beach Movie”
  • Dance Style: Contemporary and Hip-Hop
  • Dancewear Collection: Co-founder of HolkerBoss Dancewear
  • Philanthropy: Actively involved in charitable work, including supporting dance education programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Allison Holker’s

What is Allison Holker’s net worth in 2024?

Allison Holker’s estimated net worth in 2024 is approximately $3 million.

Who is Allison Holker married to?

Allison Holker is married to Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a fellow dancer and actor.

How did Allison Holker become famous?

Allison Holker gained fame through her appearances on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and her subsequent success as a dancer and choreographer in the entertainment industry.

Does Allison Holker have children?

Yes, Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss have two children, a son named Maddox and a daughter named Zaia.

What are Allison Holker’s main social media accounts?

Allison Holker is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the usernames @allisonholker, @Allisonholker, and Allison Holker, respectively.

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Allison Holker’s journey is a testament to passion, hard work, and the ability to inspire others. As she continues to evolve in her career and personal life, her legacy remains a source of inspiration for dancers, fans, and individuals pursuing their dreams.

As we look to the future, it’s evident that Allison Holker’s impact on the dance world and beyond will endure, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come.

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