A Complete Guide on How to Buy Cryptocurrency Step-by-Step

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Cryptocurrency is digital money. They cannot be printed, felt, or taken to the bank to be sent to your electronic account. Such money is protected by cryptography. They are created and stored in a unique system called Blockchain. Many cryptocurrency lovers are interested in how to buy cryptocurrency on favorable terms. Due to the wide variety of platforms, choosing the correct option can take time and effort.

There are various best ways to buy cryptocurrency, so you won’t have any difficulties purchasing. You need to study the main parameters and purchase criteria, allowing you to choose the best solution following individual tasks.

Of course, growth is beautiful to investors. But it is important to note that the rate of cryptocurrencies can rise or fall sharply, so you always risk losing the money that you have invested. There are a lot of scammers in this area, so choose a platform for trading carefully. You should carefully read all licenses and certificates of the chosen platform to ensure high personal data security. You can use the cryptocurrency price calculator to find the best option for trading.and follow crypto news to get up to date information.

Options for buying cryptocurrency

If you want to choose the safest way to buy cryptocurrency, you must familiarize yourself with the available options. Below are the most popular solutions on the market today.

Online exchangers

Cryptocurrency online exchange services are sites where you can send regular money electronically and receive cryptocurrencies. Often they work with cards from popular banks.

The process is similar to buying currency with a bank card. This is a convenient way to buy cryptocurrency one-time quickly. If you want to buy and sell it regularly to earn on the exchange rate difference, using an online exchanger may not be very convenient.

Crypto exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is similar to a stock exchange. Only there you buy shares, and here – electronic money. Exchanges have special tools for earning money; for example, dual assets enable users to earn an enhanced return by simply predicting market direction. margin trading. This is an opportunity to trade with borrowed money from the exchange to increase profits. Or you can take advantage of staking – an analog of a deposit – and receive interest on cryptocurrency deposits.

Crypto exchanges usually have a large selection of cryptocurrencies, while on other sites, you will only find the most popular coins. In addition, exchanges protect users’ investments. They have insurance funds and special tools to protect against money laundering and hacker attacks.

P2P platforms

P2P trading platforms are like a big marketplace: there are many ads from users themselves. You choose the one you like, write to the seller, and agree on the secure cryptocurrency purchase. At the same time, the platform itself guarantees security with the help of an escrow system.

This means that the cryptocurrency is transferred to a special platform account during the transaction. The buyer will receive the cryptocurrency when the buyer pays the regular money, and the seller confirms that he has received it.

In addition, just like in a regular marketplace, there is a rating system for users. That is, you can immediately see how many transactions the other person had on the platform, and what ratings and reviews they left. This makes it easier to avoid scammers and buy cryptocurrency only from trusted people.

Offline exchangers

Such an exchange service is very similar to a regular one. Often, cryptocurrency can be bought in the same place as foreign currency, but there are also separate exchangers.

To exchange ordinary money for cryptocurrency, you need a particular wallet. Exchanges and online exchanges often give it immediately upon registration. For an offline service, you must register such a wallet if you do not already have one. Then everything is almost the same as with a stock exchange. You give ordinary money and receive cryptocurrency in your electronic wallet.

Going to a trusted exchanger with good reviews is important because cryptocurrency transactions cannot be tracked or reversed. So, if you get to scammers, the chance to return the money is minimal.

Buying through intermediaries

Buying cryptocurrency through intermediaries is a somewhat risky way. In this case, you entrust your money to an intermediary, who transfers the cryptocurrency from his wallet to yours. It is similar to buying through a P2P platform, but no one guarantees the security of your transaction here. It is better to use this method only if you know a reliable intermediary.

Some useful tips

It is important to remember that there are many scammers in cryptocurrencies, and you always risk losing your money. Therefore, you must choose a proven service and review reviews and ratings. So, there are cybersecurity ratings, such as CER. Or by trading volume, for example, on CoinMarketCap.

To protect yourself when buying cryptocurrency, experts and the exchanges themselves give the following advice on how to find the best place to buy cryptocurrency:

  • Choose a trusted service. Read reviews about exchanges, exchangers, and other services and see ratings.
  • Check the site address. Fraudsters often fake the websites of popular crypto exchanges and online exchanges. For example, they change the letter O in the name to the number 0 (zero). Therefore, it is important to enter the site correctly, and it is better to bookmark it after the first visit and go from there.
  • Create a complex password. Even if an exchange or other service uses security algorithms for its users, you cannot be protected from someone logging into your account with your password.
  • Use two-factor authentication. This is an additional level of verification when logging into your account. For example, a code from an SMS, an email, or an application. This way, you will protect your cryptocurrency wallet even if someone discovers your password.
  • Check the list of devices connected to your account. This can usually be done in the security section of your account settings. Such a check will help detect if someone else has logged into your account and changed the password to a more secure one.
  • Start trading with a small amount. Many investors advise investing only in what you are not afraid to lose. If you have never traded at all, support the minimum amount first. On the exchange, it can be $5-10.
  • Check that you have received cryptocurrency. If you buy cryptocurrency offline through an exchanger and terminal, carefully check that you have accepted the required amount in your wallet and ensure you receive a receipt with transaction details. But remember that cryptocurrency transactions can take some time, sometimes up to half an hour or more.

If this is your first time buying cryptocurrency, you may need help with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Most exchanges have mobile applications that repeat the functionality of the site. They also have a support service. Many exchanges also have beginner guides, videos with step-by-step ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and sections with frequently asked questions on their websites. Therefore, you can get advice from the support service if it is difficult to register, link a card, or have questions during trading or when withdrawing money.

If you want to buy cryptocurrency, it is always important to remember that there is a considerable risk of running into scammers. Or lose cryptocurrency investment options because the rate of virtual assets can change dramatically even during the day. Therefore, carefully monitor the security when buying: check the ratings of the services you want to work with, create complex passwords, and start trading with small amounts.

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