7 Ways to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription

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Netflix has become a global sensation with its vast collection of TV shows, movies, and games. However, accessing this ever-expanding library can be costly, ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per month, depending on your chosen plan. Saving on your annual Netflix plan expenses may be challenging due to the lack of discounts or coupon codes. Nevertheless, there are some tactics you can employ to reduce costs.

Ways to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription

1 Cut your subscription plan

Netflix does not offer a free trial. However, subscribing does not necessitate choosing the most expensive plan, which is the $19.99 Premium option. Jennifer, consider if you truly require Premium, which provides 4K programming and the ability to stream on four devices simultaneously. The $15.99 plan offers 1080p HD and streaming on two devices simultaneously. If you are not particularly interested in 4K, the latter should suffice.

2 Change region

Netflix subscription costs vary depending on the country. Take advantage of this by using a premium VPN. If you don’t have one yet, install VeePN. If you switch to Pakistan, you can buy a subscription for just $3. There are some restrictions, including that you need a payment method in your local currency. Usually, they use Wise, PayPall, etc. for this. Plus, some films may not be available in that region, but you can change the region back after payment and watch whatever you want. Also, make sure that Netflix history is erased as a precaution. This way Netflix won’t block you.

3 Share your account

Netflix is actively cracking down on password sharing to prevent unauthorized use. However, if you want to save money, you can still do so until they discover it. Sharing passwords is technically against Netflix’s policies, but not illegal. Consider splitting the cost of the $19.99 monthly plan among four people, with each paying just $5 per month.

4 Use promo codes

Netflix may send lucky customers promo codes as part of their collaborations with other companies. These promotional offers are a way to build good relations by recognizing the efforts of teams like VFX or marketing companies who have assisted Netflix. If you’re a Netflix customer and your company partners with them, you’ll be able to redeem these offers on their website.

5 Choose a bundled plan

Many cellular service providers include Netflix subscriptions in their plans, but there are restrictions. Often, these plans offer only a single-screen Netflix subscription and come with stringent requirements from the provider. For example, in the US, T-Mobile is the sole cellular service provider offering such a plan. To avail of this offer, you need to select the Magenta plan with two active lines to access Netflix’s Basic plan.

Alternatively, you can choose Magenta Max with two lines to enjoy Netflix’s Standard plan. Similarly, in India, Jio and Vodafone provide Netflix subscriptions with their premium postpaid plans. A good tip for Netflix is to research the offerings in your area. You can also go beyond it with Chrome VPN free and see which services offer it as a gift or bundled with their services. Sometimes their service prices are less than the subscription price in your area.

6 Subscribe to the ads-included plan

To significantly reduce your bill, consider subscribing to Netflix’s $6.99 per month plan. This plan includes a limited number of ads with each episode or movie. Although I prefer an ad-free plan, if you’re a casual viewer, you may not mind a few ads occasionally. Especially when you notice the smaller bill at the end of the month. Additionally, this plan allows simultaneous streaming on two devices.

7 Stop your subscription if you need to

To save money on pricey Netflix plans, it’s best to cancel your subscription when not in use. Netflix makes it effortless to restart your membership, and they store your preferences for up to ten months, allowing you to pick up where you left off anytime during this period.

If you’re not actively using Netflix for content and have auto payments enabled, your hard-earned money is being wasted. You have the option to cancel auto payments, ensuring you only pay when you want to watch something, or you can periodically cancel your subscription. Remember, even after cancellation, you can continue using the OTT platform until the last day of your billing cycle. Access your Account Settings and navigate to the “Cancel membership” option in the Membership & Billing section. Confirm your cancellation on the following page.


Netflix is so popular that it doesn’t offer much in the way of promotions on its subscriptions. It has a fixed cost, which practically does not change for a long time. However, there are still many ways to reduce your costs on a Netflix subscription, and we have discussed them in some detail.

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