4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wood Table

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There’s something so classic and timeless about wood tables. From the country house to the downtown condominium, wood tables fit in anywhere and complement any space.

Before you buy one, here are four things to keep in mind.

Size is Everything

You might see a beautiful table that captures your eye, but if it’s the wrong size, you need to pass on it. Measure the space carefully, and plan for how many people you need seating.

A wooden table will really anchor the room and tie things together, but if it’s too small, it’ll look like it’s floating. Too large, and it dominates the space. The leading places to buy wood tables make them available in different sizes, colours, woods, and textures.

Customize them to fit your needs and the space perfectly, and you’ll get the ideal kitchen or dining room table.

Colour for Vibe

Getting a dark or light brown wood table is a timeless choice, even if they’re quite different from each other. Those aren’t your only options, though.

Black wood can really create a striking modern look a little outside the conventional styles, but without being too flashy, either. Decide if you want the grains to show or if you want the cleaner, more polished, uniform look.

Legs Are Flare

Wood tables are all flat on top, but the legs? That’s where the flare and style really come in. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional touch, where the table is supported by four slim or chunky legs. But there are more options out there than you may think.

Bases for tables, as opposed to legs, can be twisted for effect. Some are bent inwardly, while others are asymmetrical. Really ingenious table legs perform a type of illusion, where they seem symmetrical from one angle and asymmetrical from another.

Some table bases look like trees, as they branch out from the middle towards the tabletop. You can get cross-hatched metal bases, balustrade legs, and more.  If you haven’t seen what custom woodworkers are hatching up lately, you may be surprised by the variety available.

Live Edge

One of the fun, contemporary looks for wood tables involves a “live edge,” where the table’s edge hasn’t been sanded or planed flat. Instead, the edge is artistically uneven, so it looks more “alive,” hence, “live edge.”

Live edge tables are available in traditional styles, where just the live edge is the only thing different from how tables have customarily been made. You can also get more fun, adventurous looks. The table is where people gather to eat and talk. If you’d like a funkier choice in a style that wasn’t available decades ago, a live edge can be a great choice.

Wood tables combine practicality and beauty. They’re gorgeous, durable, and come in more styles than you may realize. Find a table that seats everybody and fits the vibe of your personality and environment, and every gathering will be a joy.

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